Looking Forward to 2011

Bienveni...2011, Adiósmildiez...!!!What should happen in 2011? Besides the obvious of world peace, what are some goals that I should try to accomplish in the next 365 days or so?

I gave you a glimpse in my “look back” about if I’m going to attempt those goals again or not.   So here they are for 2011 in no particular order:

Read 12 books with a variety of topics, genres, and styles. Suggestions welcome. I’m thinking I want to tackle a broader spectrum of literature.

Complete a Triathlon Square Lake Short Course, September 10. 0.5 Mile Swim 16.5 Mile Bike 5 Mile Run.  I got a really good deal on the entry fee, so why not!  This will help me get back into good shape while hopefully staying healthy.  I will throw in a few running races throughout the year.  I’m planning on leading a Ragnar team again too! So part of the monthly update will be how my training is progressing towards being in shape and tri specific training.

Finish this YouVersion devotional plan (Bible Study).  A short Bible reading and thoughts about it each day will hopefully provide a little more depth than just reading through the Bible a 3rd time.

Make a substantial change to one of my programs at work I’m not really sure what this will look like.  I’ve got a few ideas whirling around so I need to just actualize one of them and start working on it.

Blog Regularly Again this is up for debate on how to define regularly.  3 days a week seemed pretty reasonable for most of last year.  But I also want to focus on quality and not just quantity.  I want to keep Foto Friday going and I think part of this blog should be about my actual running and goings on.  Maybe I’ll try to write more about my runs and what is going on in my running/fitness life.

Learn how to use my digital camera and experiment with its features I’ve got a pretty nice camera and I’ve made it work, but I truly haven’t explored all of its features.  I enjoyed Project 365 because it made me take pictures and think about that each day, but using the cell phone didn’t capture the best quality pictures.  Again, quality over quantity.

Maybe that should be my mantra for 2011.  Quality over Quantity

I love how Emily setup her goals for 2011, though I’m not going to do it that way!  As her format she said, “In January, I will [goal], which I hope will [change this].”  I think it helps clarify why a goal is important or what you hope to get from that goal.

What are you thinking about for 2011?  Please do give your book suggestions.

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