August 2011

Read 12 books with a variety of topics, genres, and styles. I received The Broker by John Grisham for my birthday and finished it this month.  I also read Gods and Kings: Chronicles of the Kings #1 by Lynn Austin.  Gods and Kings is a dramatized account of the story from 1 Chronicles in the Old Testament of how King Hezekiah comes to power.

Complete a Triathlon Square Lake Short Course, September 10. 0.5 Mile Swim 16.5 Mile Bike 5 Mile Run. It is hard to believe that it less than 2 weeks away.  I feel pretty ready for it.  I’ve missed some swims lately which is frustrating, but I think overall my endurance is there and I will do just fine.  I’ve started thinking about time goals, but I’m not sure if I’m ready to commit to a specific time goal or not.

August’s training looks like this:

Running: 78.6 miles

Biking: 158.5 miles

Swimming: 1.8 miles

Finish this YouVersion devotional plan (Bible Study).  This has been pretty easy to manage, I occasionally miss a day here and there, but catch up on the next day.

Make a substantial change to one of my programs at work. Completed. And on the road to another major change now that school has started back up.

Blog Regularly This month has gotten better.  It helped that I was home and had more time during the day.  I’ve also started doing the Daily Mile Daily Mission and that at least gives me a daily prompt to think about for future posts!

Learn how to use my digital camera and experiment with its features. I’ve abandoned this goal.  There is still time, so we’ll see.  I’ve been using my phone a lot since it has an 8mp camera and my camera is 10mp.

Curing Plantar Fasciitis, was the most viewed post again. The order didn’t change: number two was Treating Plantar Fasciitis, and a close third was Twin Cities Running Stores.

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