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Steadily running! I got 3 runs in this week for almost 10 miles!  This was my first week of not working in between my summer job and the school year starting back up. I return to work on the 23rd.  It is amazing how undisciplined I can become when there isn’t a time line or schedule to follow!

I got a half-mile swim in on Tuesday at the YWCA.  All of my open-water friends were out of town.  Without having to commute I didn’t really rack up that many bike miles either.  For my 2 evening meetings I was able to use Christy’s car. We bought an older Burley off Craigslist which takes us one step closer to being able to function with only one car!!  Actually my VW has become a place to store all of my bike gear and accessories on.  I was able to put all the canning supplies I bought at the Seward Coop into the Burley and bring them home to can 25 lbs of peaches!!  It was a lot of hot but fun work to can them!

On Friday I finally got to meet the Ragnar team that I’m leading and running with in a few short weeks.  We went for an easy run around Lake Calhoun before enjoying an excellent dinner at Punch Pizza!

Saturday morning I picked up my friend Tim who is  slowly becoming a runner! We ran together last weekend while camping too.  We ran Pike Island on a muggy morning with sprinkles at the end! We saw 3 deer and at least 4 turkeys on the island.  Last week I introduced him to trail running and this week expanded that horizon.  With 3 kids he isn’t able to travel to run much, but we have so many great places around.

Sunday morning a friend invited me to ride 20 miles with him at 6am.  I balked and we rode at 6:30, I invited another friend and the 3 of us had a great ride that totaled 25 miles for me.  It was in the mid 70’s with 90% humidity but it didn’t feel too bad on the bike.  It was nice to have them push and pull me along for a relatively fast pace.  It was a great way to start an otherwise HOT & HUMID day.  This was art fair weekend and we are looking for some to finish decorating our house.  We decided to hit up the Powderhorn Art Fair because the 111 heat index didn’t make going to Uptown sound exciting.  We sweated a ton in the short time we where out.  We didn’t buy any art but check out this guy, he prints some of his pictures on metal!

Here is the overall stats:

Bike: 44.6 Miles

Run: 9.8 Miles

Swim: 0.5 Miles

This week’s ONE POST is 3 Types of Rest.

Some links to checkout:

Run to Win posted a video which tried to figure out if cyclists or runners were tougher.

Running Times posted 10 Tips for Distance Relay events, which I hope will make the upcoming Ragnar a success!

I was sent a link to the Top 50 Twitter Feeds for Runners.   Another place to go to find tweeting runners is Tim Wilson’s post from the fall of 2008.  It now has 154 people listed.   One last place to find tweeting runners is my Twitter List which has 243 people on it.  That’s a lot of people!! There are some duplicates and maybe even some triplicates.  WHY TWITTER?

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