Lyme Disease & April’s Thoughts

Lyme Disease.  That is my my final diagnosis for my knee.  When my sports doctor got back from a conference the final results from my blood work had arrived and showed that I had a confirmed case of Lyme Disease.  This is the dreaded thing ticks carry.  We aren’t sure when I actually contracted it, but I never had the tell-tale rash and being a runner Lyme Disease wasn’t an obvious choice.  So now I’m on a month-long course of antibiotics.  Assuming they work I should return to normal life.  I didn’t realize this but Bart Yasso has chronic Lyme Disease.  Obviously the knee has helped set the tone for the month.  I logged 68 miles on the bike, most of which are commuting miles and did a 3 mile test run.  Hopefully by the end of May I’ll be running again.

This weekend I went backpacking with a friend at Jay Cooke State Park.  We had a good time hiking and exploring. Last year Jay Cooke was our final run of mancation and hiking there brought back some memories from then!

I’ve set a few random goals for the year:

Run Around All Named Bodies of Water in Minneapolis

This whole not being able to run thing is really cramping my style on this one.

Read the Entire Bible in a Year

Another good month.  Mark is a really small book, but they’ve spread it out over 2 months!

Read a Book a Month

I read Cause Wired which is about the digital revolution and the social (philanthropic) sector. It combines two of my favorite non-running topics – social media and the nonprofit/social justice realm. I received it free for taking part in the Blog Action Day Against Poverty.

Blog Regularly

I haven’t posted since March 10 on my personal blog (I hope it isn’t dying).   I posted regularly on here and that’s more important for you!   I continue to do well on my Project 365 (taking and posting 1 picture a day). I’ve almost forgotten to post a picture and have actually forgotten to post the picture I took, but I’ve taken a picture (some better than others)!

Other things of note… Things have been really good but very busy.  We’ve gotten some yard work done and ended up doing more landscaping than we’d planned on.  I was getting a little tired of looking at weeds in the “flower beds,” our yard is full of dandelions and I’m pretty sure my one neighbor hates it.  Sorry! One of the things I did was buy a hanging plant, sadly a bird created a nest in it and destroyed the flower, but there are pretty little Robin eggs in it!

The most popular post for the month is my more up to date Curing Plantar Fasciitis which finally outstripped the older Treatments version.  One a side note, I still have PF.

This week’s ONE POST is about Recovery and Detraining after a big race.

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2 thoughts on “Lyme Disease & April’s Thoughts

  1. JD Eddins

    Just found your blog today through PostRank. I also recently read Cause Wired, what did you think? Anyway, I hope the Lyme Disease goes away soon. Good look with your running goals, I'm also hoping to get fast enough to qualify for Boston as well.

    1. crossn81 Post author

      Hi JD,

      I though CauseWired was a pretty good book overall, some great research and thought went into it. I found some new social media sites and some new ideas about how nonprofits can use the web. Probably wouldn't buy the book, but enjoed it nonetheless. Glad you found me!


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