I’m a Gym Rat

At least according to Foursquare, where I finally earned the Gym Rat badge.  It actually takes a bit of work to hit the gym 10 times over 30 days (or 3 days a week) in the middle of the summer.   I didn’t reward myself with anything too exciting as recommended by Foursquare!

It was a good week, busy but good.  I worked out 4 of the 7 days, sadly I had to drive my car for work every day. I was teaching a carpentry for kids class and needed to be able to transport lumber and tools.  If you want to purchase a trailer for me that’d be awesome! Especially since this winter we’ll be dropping to 1 car, about the same time as the kid pops out!  My bike numbers were down, but my running was up (to 2)!

Bike: 21.1 Miles

Run: 2 Miles plus 30 minutes of aqua jogging

Swim: 0.7 Miles

The one day I ran on the track in the YWCA for a mile with a little knee pain.  Unfortunately, it was the wrong direction (turning into my bad knee) but I survived the 6 laps and the pain slowly went away.  The pain appears to be on the outside in the area where they stuck the needle in to drain the fluid.  This was followed by 30 minutes of aqua jogging.

My other run was at Pike Island and was pretty much a brick workout, I rode 7 miles on my bike to get there.  I walked from the parking lot to the island and then ran a mile, walked back to my bike and proceeded to ride 14 miles home.  I obviously took a different route and found a great place to hammer it on the bike.  The roads around the airport are quite flat, wide, and not heavily traveled.  I’d recommend it for a 3 or 4 mile stretch of hard riding.

The only other notable event was that it stormed as we arrived at Nokomis and cleared up into a perfect evening for swimming.

I’m optimistic about my knee and hope to be able to slowly build up my miles so that Ragnar won’t be too much of a shock to my system. I’m planning on picking one of the shortest legs and surviving! I go next week to the Infectious Disease Specialist!

This week’s One Post is an older post about Running Logs. I continue to use Running Ahead and am quite happy with it.  You can always click on the blue “R” at the top of my site to check out my running log or they get posted to my Facebook Wall.

I hope you have a great week!

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