30 Day of Biking

30 Days of Biking is an idea started here in the Twin Cities to get people out on their bikes.  September marks round 2 of this attempt.  The initial 30 Days of Biking was in April of this year and had high turnout both locally and around the world.  Part of the success was using social media tools like Twitter and the #30daysofbiking hashtag, Dailymile and of course Facebook.

There is only one rule to 30 Days of Biking:

… you bike every day for 30 days—around the block, 20 miles to work, whatever suits you—then share your adventures online. We believe biking enriches life, builds community, and preserves the Earth.

Pretty simple eh? It should be fairly simple to get on your bike and pedal somewhere each day – work, grocery, friends house, down the street and back…

I wanted to participate in April’s event, but I wasn’t able to bike thanks to Lyme Disease! I’m excited to do it this time around.  Even though I already bike pretty much everywhere I think it will be a good challenge to actually make myself ride somewhere each day.

While you don’t need to, the organizers are encouraging everyone to register.  It is painless to register and you still have time to ride today!

Bike Night @ MIA

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