Weekly Highlights

Still haven’t run. Foot goes off and on from hurting. I’ve also had some IT and hip pain lingering from the marathon. I wondered why everything still hurt so much then I realized it has only been two weeks!! We’ve been doing a lot of work on our house so it hasn’t all been lazing around on that front either.

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This comes a little late for most of us, but some of you are in the midst of a taper.  Have you heard about Bad Ben? He’s stopped writing much on his blog but he has some crazy stories.  Green this and Green that – what about Eco Gyms.  I was amazed and pleased that last year I surpassed my fundraising goal for Team World Vision.  I wrote up a final sumamry. Foto Friday was of my first recovery run post marathon on the Mississippi River.

Here is a random update on the catheter story.  My wife, the nurse, informed me that my picture on my previous post about the story was incorrect. Here is a more accurate picture.

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