Week in Review

A decent week, weather-wise, busy on the work front though. The temps dipped considerably at the beginning of the weekend.  Fun times below 0 again!  My mileage is actually decreasing each week instead of increasing.  I probably need to stop letting that happen, so hopefully the weather will cooperate a little bit!

Monday was a nice day of rest. I thought about running and decided not to in the end.

Tuesday I ran a new 4 mile route in 34 minutes.  I went out 2 miles on the Greenway before heading back up the LRT trail to 24th St and home.  It was a decent route that combined 2 other of my routes.  It was a clear morning and the sunrise was pretty to see. The weather actually wasn’t too shabby either at 12 above and 3 above wind chill.

Wednesday I ran 3.25 miles on my Metrodome loop in28:15.  The LRT trail is pretty messy still so the combination of low traction and overall poor footing made for an ok feeling workout.  Some days when the trail is messy like that my legs feel a little tired. It was 18 above with a 10 degree wind chill so not too bad of a morning.

Thursday I was feeling quite tired after several late nights and woke up too late to run.  I also actually skipped an optional meeting that I had planned on going to.  Oops.

Friday I didn’t run either.  I thought about it and I’m not really sure why I never made it out the door. Maybe to be fresher for the race on Saturday or maybe I’m just a little lazy.  I did get my CPR certification renewed in the afternoon.

Saturday It was -11 with a -21 wind chill for what was supposed to be a half-marathon race but it got shortened to 6.5 miles.  It was cold!  I finished 96th in 45:31.  Stay tuned for the the full race report!

Sunday We met at Minnehaha Falls and ran the Get in Gear 10k course again.  We tacked on a little bit and it was 6.3 miles in 55:51.  The River Road trails offer decent footing but in reality it comes and goes – some places being a lot better than others.  It was -7 with a -17 wind chill, but a nice slow run.

Weekly Mileage

Running – 20.1 miles

Last Year

Run: 10.4 Miles
Bike: 7.7 Miles
Swim: 800 Yards

Last year I wrote a tribute to Jesse Owens for Martin Luther King, Jr Day.  I found some great statistical data about running in 2007 from MarathonGuide.com.  I should look to see if they have 2008 numbers up yet! Some people are dedicated to running, but forget to take precautions and end up winning frostbite.  Like to run outside but don’t want to get sick?  Try eating my one of my favorite foods Clementines! This week last year is when the Spirit of the Marathon debuted in theaters.  I took a picture for Foto Friday.

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