Week 6: Half Marathon Training

Last Year

After a tough week of training including to speed workouts I raced for the first time in 2008 and Minnesota at the Human Race 8k. I was pleased with my race so that was good.  I detailed the information provided from Ryan Shay’s autopsy and the tragedy of his death.   My wife and I have been long time supporters of the ONE Campaign and its efforts to end global poverty.  Last year Mesert Defer won the 3000m World Indoor Championships while wearing a ONE Campaign wristband.  Do you stretch or not? That seems to be an ongoing controversy. I didn’t provide any great insights but just some “expert” opinions. Finally, Foto Friday was some more memorabilia.


Run: 34.0 Miles
Bike: 7.0 Miles

3 m run + strength
8 x 400
5-K pace
3 m run + strength
30 min tempo
Rest or easy run
10-K Race

Monday was an easy 3.25 miles around the Metrodome loop in my new Mizuno shoes! It was 38 with a 35 wind chill, I wore shorts but was a little cold!  There was still plenty of ice around as the snow melt refroze overnight.  26:42. I biked to work and to SALT in the evening for about 10 miles total.

Tuesday was a 8x400m workout.  This time the Garmin functioned properly. It was 45 with a wind chill of 37 which made for pretty decent weather for an interval workout on the Greenway.  It took a little bit to warm-up.  The first 4 were into the wind and the final 4 was with the wind at my back.  The intervals were: 1:32, 1:35, 1:35, 1:31, 1:28, 1:29, 1:30, 1:26. I wasn’t really sore or anything but biking 7 miles (roundtrip) to work helped.

Wednesday I ran a new random route from my house towards Uptown making a square.  It was 3.2 miles in 26:41. It was 31 with no wind which is a nice change.  The sunrise on downtown was beautiful as I crossed over 35-W. I was a little  sore but nothing major and it worked out pretty well.  My foot felt good as well.

Thursday no running for me.

Friday was a rough tempo run.  I felt tired and a little sore when I set out and never really got into a good groove.  I think I hit tempo pace (maybe on a downhill) but couldn’t really sustain it.  It was 30 with a 23 wind chill and a fresh dusting of snow – which probably didn’t help much especially since it was the first day of spring!

Saturday a rare two days of rest in one week… I decided that given the fact that I’m still trying to fight off plantar fascitits, I should take the day off instead of an easy run.  I was on my feet for 3 hours Friday night and my leg was really hurting afterwards.  Ugh.

Sunday afternoon races are a little weird, you have all morning to relax but what to you do about food?  It ws a gorgeous day about 54 around the start.  There was a pretty strong headwind on the way out during the Human Race 8k.  So uphill and headwind aren’t a good combination and downhill and a tailwind when you are exhausted helps a little.  I ran 1:30 slower than last year in 33:02.  I got a cramp at about the 4 mile mark but the downhill helped!

Weekly Mileage

Running 21.7 miles

Biking 20.7 miles

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