Week 12: Half Marathon Training

Last Year

I celebrated being done with the training cycle by resting and racing the Get in Gear 10k – almost setting a PR (posted my race number).  To go along with this phase I talked about detraining. A local marathoner used his mad skills to chase down a thief (Team Cross doesn’t recommend doing this).  My mom sent me a story from the hometown paper about a co-worker/teacher who ran at Boston.  This week’s Foto Friday was a picture of “Get in Gear” written in the snow before the race start.


Running – 9.2 miles

3 m run + strength
6 x 400
5-K pace
2 m run + strength
30 min tempo
Half Marathon

Monday was an easy 3.25 on my Metrodome Loop.  Nothing too exciting. About 42 and overcast with a wind chill of 35.  It didn’t really seem that windy and overall the run felt nice and relaxed.  I finished in 24:30.

Tuesday I ran my 6×400 workout on the Greenway on a nice morning.  44 and sunny with a decent amount of headwind.  My goal was 1:26 which is 5k pace but I didn’t want to push too hard.  I won’t see any benefit from this workout on race day – it was just an opportunity to open up the legs and sharpen up a bit.  My splits were 1:33, 1:30,1:30,1:27,1:29,1:28 and only on the second half did it really feel like I was having to push.  The rest felt very smooth.  It was a total 5 mile workout in 39:44.

Wednesday – a 2 mile run felt like such a waste of time.  It would take almost as much time to get ready as it would to run it.  So I decided to take the day off, rest my foot and enjoy tapering.

Thursday was a pretty overcast morning but warm.  55 and humid for my 4 mile run. I didn’t really try to make it a tempo at all.  I figured an easy run was more appropriate and it felt good.  I did it in 30 minutes heading East along the Greenway.  Nothing special. My heel felt pretty good all day.

Friday felt a little lazy but rested.  Foot pain is almost gone!

Saturday another rest day.

Sunday Race Day!  I was initially very disappointed but after processing it and writing my review it wasn’t quite as bad as previously thought.  But still a 1:36:26 is not what I had planned on.


Running – 25.5 miles

Biking – 8  miles

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