Tried Running

This week was a little disappointing as far as the foot goes.  It had felt really good for a few days and then started hurting again.  I had hoped to run on it at least once this weekend and start back up.  I kept putting it off since it had started hurting.  I have been wearing my strassburg sock still at night.

We had a great Thanksgiving with friends and my sister.  I didn’t eat tooo much.  We also pulled out our Wii and starting using it again, including playing with the Wii Fit Plus.  Which adds some more games and fun with a “calorie burning edge” to it!

On Sunday I had some downtime because Christy was called into work again so I decided to stop putting it off and hit the gym.

I thought if I could get the first time out of the way I might be able to get into the habit of it.  We shall see.  I brought my swim suit, but did some weights – using every machine available so a fairly well  rounded workout. A lot of shoulder and upper body and then legs and hips.  I did a warm-up jog around the YWCA’s 1/6 mile indoor track.  I did 2 laps at an easy pace and it wasn’t pain free. I didn’t have lingering pain but very frustrating.   After lifting I did the elliptical machine for 15 minutes.  I’m not a huge fan of the elliptical but I knew that it wouldn’t have any impact on my foot.

So it looks like I’ll be cross-training for a few more weeks, bummer. It has been really frustrating though since the weather has been perfect for running and the group runs have been on my favorite trails.

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