TCM Training Week 6

Been running.  Got sick.

Past Posts

Two years ago I ran the Chesterfield 10k on the 4th of July. This was a tough race with some great competition.  An older post about running logs, it could probably use an update.   Have you been wearing flip-flops this summer? I got some for $1 at Old Navy, but I don’t wear them very often, because they don’t help very much for my foot pain.  Several videos including some about World Vision and some humorous one about treadmillsFoto Friday was a throwback to winter and the ridiculous amount of clothing necessary.

Last Year’s Mileage

Run: 34.2 Miles

This Year

The week began well enough, with a 3.5 mile run Monday run on Pike Island.  It was 63 degrees and I saw 5 adult and lots of baby turkeys, 4 deer and 2 humans on the loop.  I wore my Salomon trail shoes for the first time on a run and liked them well enough. It felt nice and easy and my foot didn’t really hurt too much.

Tuesday’s group run was at Bredesen Park in Edina. We ran 7.25 miles in 58 minutes.  Our pace dipped into the low 7 minute pace. It was 81 and humid.  My foot had hurt all day but after running it actually felt good.  Odd…  We saw lots of rabbits.

Had a morning meeting on Wednesday which kept me from running, but got 2.16 miles in on Thursday morning.  It was 60 and humid as I ran around the neighborhood, making a large square.  Saw more graffiti that I reported to 311.  We’ve seen a huge increase in rival gang graffiti so we’ve been trying to report everything we see.

I had planned on running Friday morning but my neck and back hurt so I thought I’d wait and see if I felt better and run later.  By the evening, the pains hadn’t gone away and I was feeling achy all over my body.  The flu like symptoms continued into Saturday and mid-afternoon I was shaking from cold chills so we went to urgent care.  Some blood work was drawn but it looks like a virus.  So there isn’t anything they can do.  Oddly, the doctor said they couldn’t test me for H1N1.  It sounded like they couldn’t test me at all since I wasn’t in the “at-risk populations”, but it may have just been that I didn’t have the respiratory or diarrheal symptoms associated with that particular strain.  Rest and lots of fluids are my prescription.  Yuck.  My fever finally broke late on Saturday and I awoke Sunday feeling a lot better and almost back to normal.  My body still hurts and I’m still contagious.  The doctor gave me a work release until at least Tuesday, so that is nice.  I’m not sure if I’ll try running or working out again before Wednesday or not.  Frustrating.

This Year’s Mileage

Run: 12.9 Miles
Bike: 21.5 Miles

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