TCM Training Week 5

Getting back out there.

Post Review

Just like me last year, Ryan and Sara Hall have devoted their running to help raise money for World Vision.  Last year’s Foto Friday was a stock fireworks picture.

Last Year’s Mileage

Run: 28.9 Miles
Bike: 49.0 Miles
Swim: 400 Yards

Last Week’s Training

It was nice to actually run again.  The week started out pretty well. I felt good after Monday‘s 1.5 mile run around my neighborhood.  Tuesday was the first group run and it was good as well.  My foot hurt a little bit but not too bad.  I cut the run a little short at 5.5 miles in 43:28.  We have a lot of new people in our training group this year.  Our pace’s group almost doubled.  I took Wednesday off and ran 1.9 miles on Thursday around the neighborhood again.  I could feel a little foot pain but nothing major.  I took Friday off of running but ended up riding my bike for 27.77 miles with a good portion of that being between 18-20 miles per hour, so got a pretty good workout!  On Saturday we met at the Calhoun Executive Center and the scheduled plan was to run 12 miles.  I planned on running about 6 or so.  I ended up running 7 around Lake Calhoun and Cedar Lake.  I felt fine while running but afterward my foot started hurting more.  I took a quick swim in the cool water of Calhoun – mostly just to  ice and relax a little bit, before heading home and enjoying the 4th of July festivities. On Sunday Christy and I went to the YWCA and swam.  I did 450 yards throwing in 2×25 yard all out “sprints”.  It was a nice, fairly easy workout.  I actually almost puked in the pool though after the 2nd sprint.  Oops, luckily it was just that nasty taste in the back of my throat.  So I stopped for a bit and recovered.  As always sipping my patriot power greens drink in the hot tub is a nice way to finish a swim workout.

This Year’s Mileage

Run: 15.9 Miles
Bike: 50.0 Miles
Swimming: 450 Yard

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