TCM Training Week 3

For the past two years  I’ve raced on this weekend, in 2007 at Jennifer’s Run in Hartford City, IN and last year at the Karate Kickin’ Cancer 5k in North St Paul.  Both of those races raised money for excellent causes, domestic violence prevention and cancer research respectively. That is part of why I think runners might be some of the most charitable people around.  My featured number was from my New Jersey days.  Running shoe companies are slowing making shoes more environmentally friendly.  Brooks was the first major company to do so.  Foto Friday was from last year’s Nature Valley Grand Prix Criterium, which I had to miss this year.

Last Year’s Mileage

Run: 26.0 Miles
Bike: 45.0 Miles
Swim: 300 Yards

Monday I rode to the YWCA and then swam 450 yards before lifting weights.  I did lunges, bench, curls, crunches, and overhead triceps.  I also enjoyed the hot tub a little bit!

On Wednesday I went to the Uptown YWCA after a meeting and swam 400 meters after doing my weight lifting workout.  It was pretty tough to swim after having already lifted.  The Uptown pool is in meters and is shallower so it is a different experience than swimming at the Midtown YWCA.

I did a couple of my Wii Fit Yoga and Balance “workouts” during the week.  My foot hurt off and on throughout the week.  Summer seems to be busy even though I’m not working full-time.  All of the biking miles are commuting or running errands.  Over the weekend we traveled to Wisconsin to visit our CSA and had a good time.  It would have been a great place to run.  Hopefully soon!

Weekly Mileage

Bike: 43.0 Miles
Swim: 887 Yards
Weights: 2 times

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