TCM Training Week 10

Slow, but I got some good miles in.

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Most of us don’t plan to ruin our next race, but we often do.  I shared some of my mistakes along with a list of ways to ruin your next race.   It has been a cool summer here in Minnesota, but when it does get hot again here are some ways to stay safe in the heat.  Learn why I care about World Vision and dedicated my marathon to supporting their good work.  By now you’ve surely heard about Twitter, but when I wrote this post it was still a small, yet growing community.  Foto Friday was me, grinding out the finish at last year’s Hennepin Lakes Classic 10k (review). I’m not racing hardly at all right now, so I’ll miss it.

Last Year’s Mileage

Run: 27.8 Miles

Bike: 23.5 Miles

This Year’s Running

Monday was an easy 3 miles from my Dad’s house, down a mostly gravel road in a camping area and then back down a service road next to some train tracks. It was 58, sunny and humid – especially in between two corn fields (with the corn way taller than me). After running 2 days in a row I took Tuesday off. We enjoyed quality time with the family. On Wednesday I took the service road I discovered and ran a loop around a lake before following the train tracks out about 3 miles and then running back through Snyder Park. It was 6 miles in 49 minutes. It was 67, sunny and humid again. At least 1/3 of this run was on the rocky flat area next to the tracks. Another rest day on Thursday, now with the in-laws in Indianapolis. On Friday I ran 8 miles at Fort Harrison State Park. It was 61 when I started and 71 when I finished the trails. It is $7 for non-resident vehicles. I usually run from the house and jump the fence, but I wanted to make the run shorter and on trails so I parked near the “gate” and jumped the fence. The hills aggravated my foot a little bit, but I enjoyed being on the trails. I thought I got caught jumping the fence, but it turned out to be an outside vendor. The horse trails were closed so I had to do the shorter hiking loop. Saturday I ran an easy 3.38 miles from the in-law’s house.  I basically ran around their housing development.  It was pretty much all on roads/sidewalks but I thought that’d be better than lots of hills at the state park again.  I had to run a few hills but nothing major.  It was 68, sunny and humid (notice a theme here?).   Mostly a pretty boring run.  Sunday was a travel day, plus I already got my mileage where I wanted it.

This Year’s Mileage

Running – 20.4 miles

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