Race Plan: Human Race 8K

This weekend is my first race for 2009.  I ran the Human Race 8k last year, see my review.  I actually wrote a little preview about it last year as well.

The Human Race 8k is put on my TSL Events and has become the annual spring opener.

Last year I finished in 31:27. My goal going into last year was breaking 32 minutes which was a fairly arbitrary number but was based on my goal 10k time.  That also represents my post-college PR.  There aren’t many 8k around.  I don’t actually remember my collegiate 8k PR, but I never broke 30 minutes, but it was below 31 minutes.

The Human Race course is nicely designed for setting PR’s because the last half is downhill.

I think my goal for this year will be to set a new PR – it would be nice to break 31 minutes but that might be stretching it.  To PR would require running a 6:19 pace.  That might be stretching it since I’ve  not run that fast very often this training cylce.

We’ll see what happens.

This post was inspired by this one.

Updated: Be sure to check out how it went!

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