Need to Focus

Last Year

Have you heard about the Tough Guy race?  Sounds like fun, in a masochistic kind of way.  Last year’s Twin Cities Marathon filled up, sadly it is only about 75% full at this point.  I got new shoes! I switched over to a Mizuno shoe, learn about my thought process.  This week’s Foto Friday was from a recent camping trip at St Croix State Park.

Last Year’s Mileage

Run: 17.3 Miles

This Year

This week I had hoped to transition from the tough training weekend back into a decent week of running.  I took Monday off to let my body recover and then Tuesday I decided to bike to some meetings in the morning and ended up with 20 miles for the day.  Tuesday was actually a record setting temperature (at 97).  I did go on Wedsnday for an easy 6.2 miles around a river loop with some hills in 46:35 on a gorgeous morning.  Temps were about 70 when I finished.  Thursday was another gorgeous morning and I did the almost 3 mile loop around Lake of the Isles.  I ran it in 20:17 and the temp was about 60.  After that my foot started to hurt again.  Surprisingly it felt pretty good on Monday and most of Tuesday.  I’m realizing that the more/longer I’m on it at any given time the more it hurts.  I am out of excuses for Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. Part of it was that I really want my foot to stop hurting.  It was such a gorgeous week for running though and I should have gone out.  Each day I regretted not doing it, except Saturday when we walked around for hours at the Mall of America with my sister-in-law.  This really made my foot hurt.  Plus I’m racing on Monday.

Weekly Mileage

Run: 9.0 Miles
Bike: 37.0 Miles

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