Lack of Running

Still haven’t run or worked out.  This week’s excuse is a sinus cold that actually knocked me out from work for one day.  I still lack the motivation – even though the sun is rising as I awake to make it to the gym.  My foot is feeling better, but I’m noticing that when I wear my old running shoes (that have less than 200 miles on them) that by the end of the day my foot hurts.  But on Saturday I worked and walked around the house mostly barefoot and occasionally in my Crocs and didn’t have any pain.

I’m thinking my physical therapy regime might have fixed my pronation. Not sure if that is possible or not, but all through college I wore pretty much whatever shoe I wanted and we never had treadmill analysis of our strides.  The first time anyone said anything to me about pronating was while getting fitted for some shoes awhile after injuring my knee.  So who knows what that means.  Hopefully I’ll be on the road soon.

Until then here’s a look back at last year:

A review of USATF-MN’s 10k championship cross-country race.  Thoughts about the “off-season” and what that means for you and me.   Foto Friday was a video made by Brooks.  They were donating 5 cents per page view to Breast Cancer Research. This campaign raised $1000 for Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, earmarked for breast cancer research. And their fundraising continues.

Happy Trails.

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