Almost DQed for a Catheter

Jerry Johncock

Jerry Johncock

I’m not sure what I think about this whole situation.  According to the Pioneer Press Jerry Johncock was almost disqualifed from the 2009 Twin Cities Marathon for using a catheter at mile 21.

The report says he couldn’t urinate and from past experience knew he had a blood clot which prevented him from going. If you need more information, visit   Based on USA Track and Field Rule 144.3(d) (pdf) TCM officials decided not to disqualify the 81 year old who ran a 5:22. Johncock holds the U.S. marathon record for men aged 80-84 with a time of 3:59:12 and placed 1st in the the age group this year. Officials were initially unsure whether using a catheter was improper assistance.

The story gets stranger.

Johncock asked for a catheter at a medical tent.  They don’t carry such a device, for obvious reason s – check out the pictures.  Then a random spectator offers a spare one from his car.  1) Who carries a spare catheter? 2) Would you use someone’s spare catheter? Evidently the guy had a spinal cord injury.

Then according to this “explicit” picture, he would have to stick it up his penis (while running?) while standing on the side of the road. In a near by ambulance – obviously.

Then he ran 5 more miles.

Here are his race stats:

Jerry Johncock
bib number: 171
age: 81
gender: M
location: Shelbyville, MI
overall place: 7682 out of 8432
division place: 1 out of 2
gender place: 4584 out of 4922
time: 5:22:17
pace: 12:18
chip time: 5:22:11
5k: 28:20
10k: 59:04
half: 2:09:25
30k: 3:16:52
20 mile: 3:38:49

Jerry Johncock earned his finisher’s medal.  Based on my calculations he lost about 40 minutes with this incident.

Pioneer Press Articles:
Results stand for man, 81, who used catheter during marathon
No DQ for marathoner, 81, who borrowed catheter
Man borrows catheter from stranger’s car to finish Twin Cities Marathon
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Here is a random update on the catheter story.

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