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I’m a card carrying member of the USATF now. Well at least once I get the card in the mail!!

I had never thought about being a member of the USATF until now since I’m not fast enough to be in the track and field circuit and don’t really need another distraction.

So Why Sign-up?

I was prompted to sign up by one of the MDRA members to be a part of their racing team – Bad News Bears. The main purpose for signing up is to be a part of the Team Circuit. The circuit is a series of “championship” races where teams are scored cross-country style. The race distances go from 1 mile all the way up to a 25K (15.5 miles). The half-marathon I’m racing is part of the circuit and so are other local races hosted by the MDRA – so why not! It is $30 a year to be a member but there are some good benefits.


I have actually already used one – discounts at races! I just saved $5 when I signed up for an upcoming 8K. There is a long list of discounted items, many of which I’ll never use. However, if you travel for a lot of races there are discounts for rental cars and hotels. There are discounts on running gear, other merchandise, magazine subscriptions, books and movies, and running stores. You also get a membership decal and a copy of the Fast Forward magazine. I think you could easily “earn back” your $30 membership if you were planning on getting some of discounted items! I’m also supposed to get a team jersey which must be worn during all races I’m competing in as part of the team!

You should see if there are any local USATF chapters or competitions to be a part of.

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