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Every race should have a plan. I think for my marathon debut at the Twin Cities Marathon I am going to go out at about 5 minute pace for the first half and drop to 4:30 pace for the last. That should help me set the marathon world record. I mean I only have to beat 2:03:59 right? Yea Haile Gebrselassie broke his own record and set the new one. I’m glad because I needed a little something to push myself through the middle miles!

Who am I kidding?!? My marathon goals are:

1) To qualify for Boston with a 3:10 (7:15 pace),

2) To break 3:30, or

3) To have fun and finish.

My training is on track for the 3:10 finish so unless something happens on race morning to suggest otherwise that will be the goal I have in mind.  The others are plans B and C in case I fall apart out there – but I don’t foresee that happening at all.  I’ve re-read Blaine Moore’s book, Marathon Preparation & Recovery and I’m ready to go.

Simply put, my race plan is to go out easy and finish hard. More technically I will follow the advice of friend, teammate, and accomplished marathoner Kirk Walztoni who recently published a great article in the Run MN Magazine. Here are my key takeaways:

  • In the early miles “Take it easy—take it too easy.”
  • Stay well-hydrated.
  • Take a Shot Blok every 5k – this worked well in training and past races.
  • “Cruise” around the lakes and enjoying the “Most Beautiful Urban Marathon in America.”
  • Relax through the middle hills, feel good, and smile for the camera at the half.
  • Soak in the spectators and stay focused on the West River Parkway.
  • Cross Franklin Ave bridge feeling good and don’t bust up the hills – stay even and consistent.
  • Run the tangents, unless it is really sunny – then run the shade.
  • Stay consistent but start reeling in the runners while cruising up Summit.
  • When you see the Cathedral – bust a move and kick it on the downhill finish.

I found a TCM customized pace chart that can be used to pace yourself to your goal time, I might cut it out and use it. Or one from

I’ll be wearing an orange jersey NOT MDRA red. My bib number is 430.

When I finish I want to say just like Gebrselassie said last Sunday:

“Today, I’m so, so, so happy. Everything was perfect today”

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