Studying Runners

Two studies are currently underway testing runners in the Twin Cities area.

The first is a study is for any runner who is running either Chicago, Twin Cities, or the Marine Corps Marathon this fall. From the studies site:

We are inviting you to participate in a study on the relationship between marathon performance and satisfaction. The study is being conducted by researchers at The University of Chicago.

The study will take a total of 30 minutes of your life during which you’ll complete 3 different surveys – with the first being 2 months before the marathon and the last will be post-marathon. Anyone is eligible to participate as long as they are training and plan to complete the marathon. There will be random drawings conducted at the end of the study where they will be giving away 14 prizes for each marathon. The prizes include an iPod Nano and a Garmin 305.

Thank you MDRA for pointing out this study – I signed up.

The second study is being conducted locally by the University of Minnesota.  They are looking for 18-45 year-old’s who are participating in a regular running program and are otherwise in good health. The study will involve one outpatient visit for a total of 2 hours.  Participants will get paid $30 for their time. $15 an hour isn’t too bad for most of us working folk!  E-mail for more information. From an e-mail I recieved back from the study:

The reason why we are interested in intramuscular fat is because intramuscular fat levels generally relate to insulin resistance (ie more fat, more insulin resistance). However, this is not the case in endurance athletes and we are studying this apparent paradox.

I submitted a short questionnaire to be considered for the study.

Also the USATF Stretch Study is still going on. Be sure to check that one out too.

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