Quick Marathon Post

I just woke up from a short nap following the marathon debut.  It was a cool pretty much perfect start at 8am that turned miserable with a deluge of rain for 4-5 miles starting around 7.  I hit the wall shortly after 20 and finished in 3:25.

I finished and am now a marathoner!!

I’ll have a more in-depth review later this week but wanted to let you know.  Thanks for all the spectators who endured nasty weather this morning and for all those who cheered me on!

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5 thoughts on “Quick Marathon Post

  1. Colorado Running

    My first marathon was a 3:28 (so you best me), I knocked off a half an hour the next year. I know you didn't hit your goal time, but that first marathon is a wild card, you'll make big strides next time.

    That rain could not have been fun, last year, at Denver Marathon it rained the entire time, 36 degrees, I feel your pain!

    Well done!

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