One Hundred Push-Up Challenge

100 push-ups in a row.  6 weeks. 3 days a week.

That is the plan.  Doing a prescribed set of push-ups 3 days a week for 6 weeks should allow you to complete 100 push-ups in a row.  That is the claim of the latestet Internet fitness revolution.  Bloggers (and non-bloggers) everywhere are taking part in the Hundred Push-Up Challenge created by Steve Speirs at Run Bulldog Run.

If you’ve been following my marathon training, then you know that I’m in the middle of Week 4 3.  I’m almost up to 100 push-ups total in one setting – but within 5 sets.  It can be pretty challenging some days.

I decided that I wanted to add a little something to my workout and started the challenge using a swiss ball. In addition to the regular benefits, I get a little extra benefits for my overall core.  During an exhaustion test at the end of Week 2 my arms felt great doing the push-ups but my abs couldn’t hold my legs on the ball anymore and I fell over.  My plan is that this will greatly strengthen my overall core and I’ll reap a little extra benefit for the marathon training.

It seems that pretty much everyone has had to repeat at least one week, including Steve himself.  If you fail to meet the required workouts you should repeat the entire week to make sure you get the strength needed later.  I repeated Week 2 because I skipped a workout! If you are thinking about starting it now, make sure that it fits in with your training schedule for fall races – you don’t want to try doing 100 push-ups the day before your marathon!

Are you one of the thousands doing the push-up challenge? Where are you at in the challenge and how does it feel?

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6 thoughts on “One Hundred Push-Up Challenge

  1. kch

    I sailed through weeks 1 and 2 fairly easily, but I'm falling short on week 3. So, next week will be week 3 redux for me.

  2. DPeach

    I fell off the wagon…and I was on week 6! We took a trip and it threw me off schedule. But, I am not completely out. I have continued to do some push-ups every few days. I just need to jump back on the plan and bang out the last couple of weeks to get me to 100.

  3. crossn81 Post author


    That is the hard thing about this challenge – keeping track of it when you are away from home. I think if you keep doing push-ups you'll retain some of your ability and could easily jump back in and get to 100!

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