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Best of 2008: Most Read Articles

Posted on Dec 30, 2008 under Best of | 2 Comments

Here is a nice objective look at what was the most popular item from 2008 on this blog.  Using Google Analytics I can track which post recieved the most hits.  One small problem is that I left up the old Run Central Indiana site for much of the year before I began auto-forwarding the old links.  So I’ll go back and add up those hits as well to determine the top 5 viewed posts from 2008.

5) Ways to Ruin Your Next Race (which also made last year’s top 5)

4) June 30 & July 4 Races

3) Caffeine is a Banned Substance

2) Race Review of the Indianapolis Half Marathon

1) Merry Christmas from Team Cross

Seriously… that isn’t a slick joke, our last year’s Christmas greeting has almost 2x’s as many hits as any other post.  I’m not really sure why.  Maybe some analytics pro can help me figure this oddity out.

Some notable honorable mentions are Volunteering at the 2007 Chicago Marathon, Race Review of the 2007 Drumstick Dash, and a product review of my Pearl Izumi shorts.

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2 Responses to “Best of 2008: Most Read Articles”

  1. Run Colorado Says:

    My guess is that most of your hits come from google, is that right? If you Google "Merry Christmas Cross" your website is on page 2, which is fairly high. I wouldn't doubt if that is a somewhat common phrase to Google or some variation of that phrase.

  2. crossn81 Says:

    That is what I thought too. I actually have a lot of hits from images.google.com So I'm pretty sure it is for the picture!

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