Upcoming Races on December 8-9

I guess it shouldn’t surprise us that the race calendar is dwindling as 2007 slowly wanes away! I could only find two races this weekend.  Are you still racing or is it time to kick back a little?  


2007 Jingle Bell Run/Walk begins at 9am near the IUPUI track in downtown Indianapolis. Lots of awards, costume contests, and more at this Tuxbro 5K event.



Muncie Ten starts at 1pm at the Mitchell School located on Prudue Rd in Muncie.  This event is reportedly the oldest in Indiana at 41 years. Lots of refreshments, no shirts, entry fee is $2.  Course record is held by Cecil Franke and Turena Johnson Lane, both Olympic Trials Qualifiers.




  Yesterday’s Workout

I’m at an all-day conference Weds and Thurs in Indianapolis so I’m not training those days.  Since I’m taking more of a 3 day a week posture right now that fits in fine since I worked out Monday and Tuesday and plan to on Friday.


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