Races on December 22 and Last Weeks Results

I’ll continue posting results and upcoming races into the new year!

Race Results From December 15

12K’s of Christmas was won by Matt Moody in 43:49 (5:52) about 1:30 ahead of second place on this somewhat snowy course! Rose Lehe won the female division in 50:54 (6:49) about 30 seconds ahead of second place and 12th overall. 84 completed this 12K (7.44 miles) event.  In the 5K Terry Mudler won in 21:57 (7:03) about 1 minute ahead of second place.  Sarah Walker won the female division in 22:47 (7:19) about 4 minutes ahead of second place and third place overall. 13 completed the 5K event.


Upcoming Races

Power Bar 5Ks of Christmas Run/Walk begins at 9am on December 22 at the NCAA National Offices on the Canal in Indianapolis.  (Note the starting location change due to the recent fire in the Hall of Champions) This event is being hosted by Standing O Promotions and benefits the United Christmas Service, a program of the United Way of Central Indiana.   This inaugural event also includes special pricing for High School students.

Rudolph Run 5K begins at 9am on Christmas Eve (December 24) at the Intelliplex in Shelbyville. This inaugural event is on paved trails, includes door prizes and is being hosted by Shelby Road Runners.

Workout Summary

I forgot to post my workout from Tuesday, it was an upper body lifting day again, I worked my shoulders, chest, biceps, triceps, and abs. I’m not quite as sore this time around, I did increase the weight on some of the lifts, partly because a kid was using my 20lb dumbbells (shoot!) I will say that as an endurance athlete my focus is more on toning my muscles, not bulking up, so I really am ok with a kid lifting the same weights, just a little discouraging.  Also, I focus on light weight, but higher repetitions.  For example a body builder might try curling 150lbs 3-4x’s but I want to curl 35lbs 10x’s.

Yesterday I swam again.  It is getting a little easier, but I really have to focus to try and breathe regularly! I did 400 meters again, but was able to swim more together.  I did 200 meters at once switching each 25 meter length between freestyle and backstroke.  Slowly but surely!


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