Last Minute Marathon Tips

This past weekend we saw the launch of the fall marathon season with the hot and humid Chicago Marathon. Prior to the event Chicago Athlete’s weekly newsletter included 12 tips for a successful marathon. I think the experience at Chicago makes these very timely, for any race.

It included the obvious:

  • No Big Changes – do everything the way you have done it through all your training
  • Drink up – stay hydrated all weekend long
  • Expedite the Expo – stay relaxed and off your feet, get to the Expo before everyone else!
  • Start slow – don’t go out too hard due to all the excitement and hype!

Some not so obvious:

  • Dress Rehearsal – jog the last few miles
  • Chow in the Afternoon – Eat your main pre-race meal in the mid-afternoon instead of the at night.
  • Pick a meetup spot – pick some place to meetup, and if they have signs using the alphabet, use your own last name not Z or Q
  • Get Moving Again – walk or jog the day after to get some of the kinks out!

See the full list at Chicago Athlete.

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