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12022018 – Bike

I did 35 minutes on the trainer listening to TED Talks! Average heart rate of 125.  I need to get new batteries for my bike computer and sensor and then I think I’ll get some speed and distance data too. 

After I used my new barbell and did some light front squats, situps, and pullup practice. 

04012018 – Bike

45 unexciting minutes on the trainer followed by some kettlebell deadlifts, lunges and stretching. All of that before making waffles and heading to church to celebrate Easter. No joke! 

Most of the snow from yesterday melted, but no reason to risk it. Any of the shaded areas still have snow and I don’t think the Parks plowed so I’m sure it’s a little messy out there. And we are getting more this week. 

03182018 – Bike Trainer and Climbing

I woke up and did 36 minutes on the Bike Trainer in the morning and some stretching afterwards.  I watched a few TED Talks and just ended the ride after the 3rd one.  At least for now it is mostly just easy spinning to get the blood pumping.  At some point I’ll need to be getting in some longer rides.

In the afternoon we went to the Minneapolis Bouldering Project and I climbed some routes and played with the kids.  We usually just push around some medicine balls and play with some of the lightweights.  They have 2.5# dumbbells and some similar weighted kettlebells.  This week we tried out the battle ropes and lifting the medicine balls like atlas stones.  Check out my son’s strongman lifting on my Instagram!  I also did some pull-up work while we were there.

03052018 – Bike Trainer

We got a snow day today! Hard to believe. I hit the bike trainer this morning while the kids played upstairs!

I did 45 minutes on the trainer while catching up on some TED videos. Then I did some stretching before a short 21-15-9 with my 53# kettlebell. Russian Swings and deadlifts. I finished the short workout in 3:13.