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04062019 – Run

Today was the first time trial of the season. A 6K Time Trial that was supposed to be treated as a race. It was a little hard to build it up that way, but I did put out good overall effort. I actually slept in which was really nice! And was able to get the run in between periods of rain. It misted a little bit, but not too bad. It was around 46f. I finally switched my watch to kilometers and set up a 6k interval. I didn’t have a specific course laid out, but thought that I could add bits and pieces here and there to the loop around Wirth lake from home which is approximately a 5k.

After the warm-up I increased my pace and tried to hold it steady. I wandered around a little bit but ended up basically running the same route as yesterday which was my own fault but a little annoying! My overall 6K time was 31:30 which was slower than I thought it would be but I’ll take it and build from here. This was 8:27 per mile average.

Overall distance was 5.09 miles in 47:41.

03172018 – Running

Today was a 2 mile Time Trial. I wasn’t 100% sure that I would do the workout today as I was feeling a little burnt by 18.4.  When I woke up I actually didn’t feel too bad so I went for it.

I did some of the prescribed drills and then headed out into the 19f sunny morning. I did about a half mile warmup and then picked up the pace and kept going!  Well, I stopped to take a quick picture first, crossed the street and hit it!

I basically pushed myself as hard as I could for 2 miles.  The challenge is still all the melting snow leaving frozen streaks and sections of sidewalk.  I didn’t fall, but definitely had to slow down at times to stutter step across the ice. It felt appropriately challenging!

My mile splits were:



so my 2 Mile TT was 15:26.  Not too shabby given my lack of run training and being tired from a hard workout last night.  Here are the pictures I took before and after the TT.