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April #stravastats

I still feel sick today and kept going back and forth about running.  Ultimately, I didn’t and I think it was a good decision as I’ve felt worse all day.

Here are my #stravastats from April:

Photo Journey Through Almanzo 100

I recently published my thoughts about the Almanzo 100 experience. Below are some pictures from throughout the day!

Of course we should start with the data from Strava:

Loading the car:

Final gear decisions – temps were in 40’s when we left the house:

My race number:

Spring Valley as the start nears:

First couple of stops in the first 40 miles:

Mile 50 aka Halfway!

Resting at Historic Forestville (about 65miles):

Banjo Brothers Rest Stop:

Water Crossing (81 miles)

One of a few guys who attempted to ride. We didn’t see anyone complete it successfully.

Not sure where this was:

Climbing Mt. Oriole (91) A few did successfully ride up:


Thanks Todd for the couple of non-selfies of me!!

Don’t forget that you can support my efforts to provide clean water in the Congo by visiting my Team World Vision fundraising page.

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