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07092018 – CrossFit & Biking

I got up and headed to Solcana to begin our new 9 week cycle.  Monday will be Sumo Deadlift Day! I have only done them one other time, but have seen the coaches talk about them with other athletes as a way of adapting the Deadlift.

We had a pretty long warm-up before the 3×7 Sumo Deadlift.  The idea was 65% of a traditional deadlift as a starting point. I opted to do my sets with 135# on the bar.  That felt heavy, but not super heavy. It is definitely a different movement than the traditional deadlift and I felt it more in my quads than hamstrings.

The MetCon was a doozy.  The Platinum was Chelsea, instead of Chelsea’s EMOM, I opted for 10 Rounds of Cindy with a 15 minute time cap.  I didn’t make it very far.  Cindy is three movements: 5 pull-ups, 10 pushups and 15 air squats.  That seems relatively easy, right? When you look at needing to do that 10 times it becomes more of a challenge! Given the time cap I didn’t make it through.  I did almost all of the pull-ups as kipping, but only completed 1 round of the push-ups from the floor.  I knew that there would be no way I’d complete all the push-ups so instead of going to failure I switched.  The pull-ups were obviously getting harder and a few times I finished my last 2 or 3 as jumping pull-ups on a shorter bar, but that only happened a couple of times. My counter said that I only completed 6 rounds and 16 reps in 15 minutes.

That was a solid day at the gym!  A few hours later I had a meeting in a part of town that would be easier to bike to than to find parking at.  So I biked 3 miles there and then took a longer and more fun route home and hit 2 sections of Wirth Mountain Bike trails with my Motobecane.  The Motobecane is technically a CX bike and I’ve used it a few times on the Glenwood sections of the trail and that hasn’t been a problem.  The other section I tried was the Bog section and for the most part that was ok.  I had some trouble on a few of the steeper uphills and I didn’t feel super comfortable on some of the steeper flowy downhills.  I probably won’t do that section again, or at least not at the end of a ride!  That was 7.58 miles.

So a total of 10.5 miles of biking after a CrossFit workout.