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06252018 – CrossFit

Surprise 1 Rep Max Squat Day. Had I been paying better attention I would have known it was coming and prepared a little differently in the morning! Oh well. 

After a different style warm up including cross body kettlebell deadlifts, pulsing squats and jump roping we hit the rack and started squatting! I had been super consistent early in the squat cycle and then with my races missed a few weeks and didn’t really get back into super heavy weight. Thus I wasn’t sure what I’d do. 

We did several rounds of squats getting the weights up there. We made too small of a jump early and made up for it later. Long story short. I hit 205# which is a 5# PR! 

When it came back to me I tried 210#. I thought I needed to get further down and when I did I lost the tension and my knees collapsed so my spotting crew helped me out and 205 was the ticket for the day. Always pleased with a new PR! 

Afterwards we had a 1 minute Max Effort Assault Bike challenge. The measure was calories.  I accidentally started pedaling backwards somehow, but squared it away. That was possibly the most painful minute ever. My heart was flying and my legs were cooked. I was standing too so man was that a long minute.  I got 22 calories!  Not too shabby! 

In the evening I racked up 4 miles on the bike pulling the trail behind! 

Give to the Max 2011

Today is Give to the Max Day in Minnesota.  It is your chance to support your favorite MN nonprofit organizations.  Why is today special? One donation each hour is a Golden Ticket, earning the recipient an extra $1,000.  Additionally there are awards of up to $15,000 given in a variety of categories.

This year, in the first hour of giving $100,000 was given! In 2010, over $10 million was raised by 42,000 Minnesotans.  Each year (2009, 2010) I’ve provided a list of running related organizations you could support.  This year’s list is sadly smaller.  I’ve decided only to highlight organizations that have completed the GiveMN portal’s profile.

In no particular order:

Bolder Options – youth mentoring

YWCA of Minneapolis – fitness, youth, women, and so much more

YMCA of Metropolitan Minneapolis – fitness, youth, and so much more

She Runs – helping young girls complete their first 5k

Twin Cities in Motion – Support TCM’s community work

Team Tesfa – support education in Ethiopia

Midtown Greenway Coalition – support the Midtown Greenway

I’m sure I’ve missed some great running organizations.  Let me know which ones and I’ll gladly update the list.

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