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U of MN Conducting Study

The University of Minnesota is looking for runners to take part in a research study to help find out more information about how runner’s process insulin and the impact that might have for persons with diabetes.  Here is their official advertisement:

Subject: Looking for volunteers in a University of Minnesota Study on Fat effects on Muscle metabolism

We are currently looking for volunteers to evaluate the effects of fat infusion on muscle metabolism and glucose usage. We are interested in subjects ages 18-45 who are participating in a regular running program and are otherwise in good health as well as subjects ages 18-45 who are not exercising regularly and are otherwise in good health.

The study will involve 3 outpatient visits to the University of Minnesota  and will involve measurement of running capacity (Vo2 max) 3) Measurement of body fat and lean muscle 4) Measurement of the body’s ability to use glucose (insulin resistance) with an insulin infusion. 5) Measurement of the muscle fat content and energy capacity using muscle biopsy before and after a fat infusion.  Three  muscle biopsies will be involved (1 from 1 leg, 2 from the other leg). Each biopsy will be roughly the size of 2 pencil erasers.

Compensation will be provided.

If interested, please email endores@umn.edu

After conducting the initial screening interview I declined to participate in the study.  I’m posting it here to see if anyone else might be interested.  It sounds like an important study but I felt that the slight risks and timing weren’t a wise move for me in 2009, especially given the amount of compensation involved ($300 for over 12 hours of “work”).

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