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07142018 – Run

The fog in the valley as I started my run at Hyland Regional park was beautiful. I was grateful to get the chance to run somewhere different this morning. I love running at Wirth, but it does get a little repetitive to run the same trails, even in different configurations.

It has been several years since I’ve been at Hyland to run so I made some mistakes on the route. It became more of an out and back and less of a loop, but that’s ok. The route I took actually was perfect for my 10k Time Trial. I didn’t hit the ski hill which I should do for Moose Mountain training, but there were plenty of hills throughout.

I started and ended at almost exactly the same spot. It was a cooler morning with temps in the 60’s bit the dew point and humidity were both up there. I definitely need to start carrying fluids on the long runs now. I stopped at a water fountain and a pit toilet!

My overall pacing wasn’t what I was hoping for.  I did the 10K Time Trial in 55:39 which is 8:58 pace.