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03112018 – Running

Day 1 of 12.5k training! I’m trying out the CrossFit Endurance training plan. This will be a very different experience for me. It has 3 days of running each week, but recommends 7 days of working out with the non-running days being CrossFit. The details also say you can switch out 1 CrossFit day for a rest day as needed. The run days include a lot of skill drills mixed in with “repeats” at designated tempos, not specific paces.

The recommendation is that some of the CrossFit workouts are more run focused. So something like 4 rounds for time of 400m run and 15 deadlifts.

Anyways back to today… I did about a mile warm up and then incorporated what I thought was 6×200 at 196 steps per minute. It is hard to get specific distance using just the sidewalks, but now I figured out that 200m is about 1 long block and 1 short block. Once the trails open up I’ll start hitting them. I also need to figure out how to preload a workout into my watch so it can just beep at me for the required intervals.

My total run distance was 2.7 miles and I followed it with drills. I’ll post later about the specified drills and more about the methodology.