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01212019 – CrossFit & Bouldering

I opted to get up for 5:30am class to make sure I actually went and didn’t drag the kids along! 

It was another dosey of a workout. We did 4 rounds of gymnastics as our warmup. First was ring pushups, then ring muscle up transitions, and then slow lowers in the rings. Jeff had lots of good corrections for me and loved my beard!

There was no weightlifting component but a long metcon with 25 minute time cap. The work was 

10 rounds for time of:

15 wallballs 20#

10 toes to shoulder

5 power cleans 75# 

I listed what I did which is a mixture of 3 different levels! I cant quite rep toes to bar yet. I tried 95# clean and that wasn’t going to happen! The Platinum was 135! About halfway in I thought no problem getting it done. About 3/4 of the way through I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it. I did finish with 10 seconds to spare. 24:50! 

My quads are really sore!

Kids and I met some friends at the Bouldering gym to hang out and climb. I didn’t do a ton of climbing but got some routes in. It’s the most climbing I’ve done in quite a while! 

11222018 – CrossFit and Climbing

Happy Thanksgiving!!  The climbing gym was open this morning so I saw that as a good time to finish out testing my Fall Challenge lifts.  We ended up going as a family so I climbed a few routes afterwards too.  The family climbed around and did some cool climbs through hula-hoops!

My last two lifts were Snatch and Shoulder Press.

I had pretty much done 0 shoulder presses throughout the cycle.  I really wanted to improve my deadlift so I made sure to make those lifts up as needed.  But not so much the other two and it showed!  My pre-test came in at 95# which is actually where I ended today as well. After hitting 95 I tried once at 105 and once at 100.  I was able to get both just barely out of front rack but no where else.  I really wanted to dip and drive to get it up, but I held back!

I took a little break and watched the kids so my wife could climb a little bit before coming back for the snatch. I drilled a little bit before adding some weight and snatching away!  In the pre-test I ended up with 95#.  Today I was able to get more and hit 105# which is just under my lifetime max.  I tried 2x’s to get 110 up but couldn’t get under the bar!!

Based on these lifts here is my Fall Challenge 2018 data:

Lift Beginning Ending Improvement
Solcana Total 435 500 65
Deadlift 245 300 55
Snatch 95 105 10
Shoulder Press 95 95 0
Jackie 13:45 12:06 1:39

We will have to wait and see what the final results show!!

10252018 – CrossFit

First workout after my race and it felt pretty good. Still a little tired but good. In continuing with the Deadlift trend today I went back and did Monday’s lifts. It was 7×4 at 74%. I lifted at 195 pounds. I wasn’t sure if I’d finish or not but I was able to do them all. Afterwards was 10 sumo deadlifts at 155. I was glad to only have to 10 as 20 was getting to be a lot. 

I didn’t have a ton of time so I did 3×10 sets of hanging shoulder raises working on improving my pullups. I also did 5 minutes on the spin bike to loosen my legs up. I finished up by hitting a few routes on the bouldering wall. 

A nice little workout that wasn’t super strenuous! 

03312018 – Run & Climb 

On the first day of Spring Break we woke up to 3 inches of heavy snow and strong cold winds! Not ideal conditions for a 4 mile Time Trial, but I went for it! The warmup and the first 2 miles were straight into the wind. I decided to run straight up my street and then go over to the parkway. Only 3 or 4 sidewalks had been shoveled yet and the streets and parkway hadn’t been plowed. Traction was pretty good throughout. The wind had created places that were almost snow free and then others where it was 3-4 inches deep. It was hard to know where the trail was on Victory Memorial Parkway, but I just ran between the lights! I extended the cool down a little bit by going on some single track. It felt like a reward for the hard work I had already put in!

I did the 4 miles in 34:06 or 8:31 pace. Total run was 5.88 miles in 54:47.

Victory Memorial Parkway, where do I run?

A mud puddle with pretty snow!

Updated: we went climbing this afternoon. I got some new climbing shoes, I think they helped! I was able to climb all the red routes I tried. I was having trouble starting one and a guy gave me a quick tip and boom I made it to the top. I definitely don’t have a lot of skill for some of the harder stuff, just height and strength which doesn’t work too much past the beginning routes!

03182018 – Bike Trainer and Climbing

I woke up and did 36 minutes on the Bike Trainer in the morning and some stretching afterwards.  I watched a few TED Talks and just ended the ride after the 3rd one.  At least for now it is mostly just easy spinning to get the blood pumping.  At some point I’ll need to be getting in some longer rides.

In the afternoon we went to the Minneapolis Bouldering Project and I climbed some routes and played with the kids.  We usually just push around some medicine balls and play with some of the lightweights.  They have 2.5# dumbbells and some similar weighted kettlebells.  This week we tried out the battle ropes and lifting the medicine balls like atlas stones.  Check out my son’s strongman lifting on my Instagram!  I also did some pull-up work while we were there.