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10222019 – Bike

Bike commute today. It was cool both ways, but rainy on the way there. This time I remembered all of my rain gear!! Rain cap for my helmet, check. Rain coat, check. Rain pants, check. Rain covers for my shoes, check. I stayed 98% dry. My feet were a little damp and I had one wet spot on my pants – which just happened to be in the crotch area! It dried fairly quickly – at least no one said anything to me. It was kind of funny as my legs felt warm and my arms were chilly. I was wearing a short sleeve jersey under my rain coat!

On the way home I had a headwind for the Westward ride and it was pretty strong. I felt warm overall.

11 miles.

10202019 – Bike

I was able to sneak out to ride at Elm Creek on a cool morning. It was actually great weather. I got a flat shortly before finishing the first section.  I had a new tube, but my CO2 was empty.  So I walked out to the parking lot.  There was a pump at the trailhead, but it didn’t work.  Fortunately there was someone in the lot with a pump so I was able to pump it up and hit the trails. They were in perfect shape and had recently been cleared of leaves.  It was 37 when I started and had warmed up to 47 when I finished. Everything but my toes were warm!

Enjoyed the trails so much. Wish they weren’t so far away from home. 11 miles.

10062019 – Bike

Kids and I did an Orienteering “race” at the Severs Fall Festival in the morning. It was fun to make it through the corn maze, hay bale maze, and grounds via 20 some controls. The corn maze was a little tricky. We had a lot of fun doing it. They did a good job putting the controls in fun places and we ended the event going down a short zipline!

After the race we got to stay and enjoy the festival before it was open to the general public which was quite nice!

In the afternoon I went on a leisurely bike ride with the wife and we rode to Cedar Lake and back so about 6 miles. The fall colors are great!

09282019 – Bike

45 degrees! A great morning to ride. Long sleeves with a vest and full fingered gloves. It was just getting light out too. Through the hour ride I only saw one other rider on the trails. On the way back home I saw a bunch in the parking lot.

I opted to ride the MORC trails and did all but Brownie. It felt great and the fall temps and colors are coming!

7.8 miles in 1:05