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04152018 – SkiĀ 

Yes, you read that right. Skiing on April 15th. It looks like we will probably be able to ski for at least another week. The Historic April Blizzard dropped about 15 inches of snow and a second round is still dropping snow! 

Joe and I decided to join the small mass of people enjoying the 3k of groomed trails. Grooming was supposed to officially end a month ago! The Loppet is actually hosting a ski race tomorrow on the trails!

The trails had been groomed earlier in the day and we had gotten even more snow throughout the day so it was pretty sticky and I had trouble gliding. Joe was giving me some pointers and tips throughout the ski such as double poleing and tightening my pole straps. I didn’t fall at all but like I said it was pretty slow conditions. It was still a lot of fun just to be out. 

I did 4 miles in 48 minutes. Joe did a couple extra of the small loops since he is so much faster than me!