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Finish Line in Sight – Go Vote!

After what has really become a marathon election season – the finish line is finally in sight.

I’m not going to spend a lot of time on metaphors or make any profound policy statements, but who will make the best president for runners?  I haven’t heard anything about their policies in relationship to my running.  Will my times improve under a McCain presidency or an Obama one?

My guess is that since Obama is part Kenyan, that he’d be more inclined to support runners and help improve my time.  Or maybe McCain’s small government conservatism would reduce some of the beaurcratic weight off my shoulders and I could knock off a few minutes…

But seriously… make sure that you get out and vote today (unless you already did, then stay home and don’t vote 2x’s).  We each have personal convictions and beliefs that guide our decision and we are so fortunate to be able to vote that everyone should stand in line and make their choices.

If you vote your convictions and have a rational reason for your choice than we can be friends still, even if our votes differ.  Just don’t be a hater and be mean towards those who disagree.

One last time – GO VOTE!

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