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07292018 – Run

A 15K run while on vacation. I did a fair amount of research to find somewhere to run besides the roads, but the best places were a good 30 minutes away. It seemed irresponsible to spend an hour driving for a 90 minute run. That seemed like a lot of time away from the family and cost in gas and entry fees. And I think I would have needed to run loops anyway. 
So I mapped out a rough course on the roads near our campsite. There was a pretty straightforward out and back, but that seemed a little boring so I figured out a way to make it more of a lollipop. 

I only made one mistake which added maybe a 1/4 mile to the route and I got to see these cows twice! 

Back on track I kept moving along. I was using the virtual training partner on my watch to help me keep pushing the pace. So it would beep every now and then. As I was going through the rolling hills there were lots of ATV/snowmobile trails but I opted to stay on the roads. 

I did come to a little park that looked like it had ATV trails but the sign said no ATVs. But it was a park so I turned in there a took a chance that it would work out. It was a nice little wooded and dirt loop to spice up the run. It gave me a short view of the Wisconsin River. It had a little picnic area that you could rent and a few more trails I didn’t take. 

I had set my virtual pace at 8:40 and tried to stay in front of it the whole time. I also didn’t do any warmup or cooldown. I definitely felt the camber of the road by the end as even the side roads were noticeably at an angle. The main county road had a little bit of a shoulder but not consistently wide enough to run on. 

All in all it was a good run. Oh and the temperature was perfect. Mid-50’s! The route was mostly shaded so the sun wasn’t ever a problem. I also took out my new birthday present, my hydration vest. It was probably a little much for this run, but I need to get used to wearing it. And I did drink a few times from it. 

Final details: 9.5 miles 1:21:52 8:36 pace