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05052019 – Run & Kayak

I started off the morning with a 10k time trial. The Loppet trails were finally open so I thought I would hit them.  The Karate Monkey trails were in great shape, Area 36 was still a little wet and not fully opened. The plan was to do the second 5k faster than the first. I was thrown off a little bit on the distances by the full trails not being open. I checked and the Luce Line was flooded as well so I briefly hit the one set of mountain bike trails to get me back to the main trails.

My first 5K was 30:58 and the second was 28:51. Definitely not as fast as I would like!  The total distance was 7.4 miles in 1:13:10.

In the afternoon I decided to get my new Kayak out for a spin. I put in at Cedar Lake Point Beach and did the perimeter of Brownie Lake and most of Cedar. It was definitnely different than canoeing and sitting in the same position for awhile was tough.  I did about an hour and 2.8 miles.  I did some of it hard and some of it just relaxed especially when I saw the turtle party on Cedar!!  I ended up buying a kayak that could be good for casual paddling with the family for either Christy or I instead of shelling out money for a faster one!