04132018 – CrossFit

I was excited to finally see some running programmed back into the MetCons! Not everyone else in my class shared that excitement with me! Oh well.  Our warm-up wasn’t heavy lifting but it was more like some accessory lifts that weren’t easy!

The warm up was 3 rounds of

10 barbell rows

10 z press

10 single leg deadlift per side w/ KB.

The MetCon was 4 Rounds for Time:

200 meter run

2 length sled push (45# plate on it)

40 double unders

12 Toes to Bar

The only modification I did was 80 single unders instead of dubs and my Toes to Bar wouldn’t pass strict standards, but were more T2B than Hanging Knee Raises. My overall time was 19:27.  Not an excuse, but a challenge we had was that the floors had just been cleaned so it was hard to keep the sleds moving consistently across the floor and at some points your feet were slipping on the wet floor.

04122018 – Run

The workout this morning was 5x800m.  The trails were a mixture of icy and mud.  I swear my phone updated and said that it was 40 degrees so I opted for shorts.  I realized pretty quickly that it was actually colder as the sidewalks had a thin layer of ice from the snow melt. But it didn’t feel too cold. By the time I got home my legs were just starting to get cold.  It was hard to know where the icy parts were since the run started before 5am and it was pitch black.  The headlamp doesn’t really provide good depth perception or awareness of puddles!  Once I got into the woods it was more about a thin layer of ice on the remaining snow pack or areas of mud.

Looking at the splits you can tell when I was on flatter and better surfaces!






The overall run was 4.63 miles in 49:17.

2018 CrossFit Open Summary

Well, my first CrossFit Open was definitely a lot of fun and hard work! It is fun to be one of thousands waiting anxiously to find out what kind of crazy workout CrossFit Games Director Dave Castro will throw at us. He has such a great imagination when it comes to pain and physical work!

And then discussing it with family, friends, and gym mates both as it is announced and then after doing the workout is great.  For 5 weeks out of the year all of us are doing the same workout at least once a week! So much fun in that painful sort of way!

I was able to complete 4 of the workouts with my normal 5:30am Crew and that was a lot of fun – pushing each other and celebrating each other’s successes and new achievements. The 5th workout I was able to get done during Friday Night Lights at Solcana and that was a different level of energy.  I didn’t know a ton of people, but that didn’t stop everyone from cheering each other on and judging others!

Here are links to my posts:






And here is the link to all the Official Info.

Pictures are from Friday Night Lights for 18.4. Thanks Ryan and Matt for taking pictures!

04102018 – CrossFit

After this workout it took hours for me to be able to lift my arms to my head! Seriously though… hard to wash my hair, hard to eat my oatmeal. This was no joke for the shoulders!

We did a long shoulder warmup before a 7 minute Snatch EMOM at 80%. We did 2 snatches per minute. I need to work on catching it lower still but I did 85# for the 14 reps. I only dropped it once mid rep and then the next attempt almost threw the whole thing behind me! 

After that we did 3 rounds for time of:

10 Overhead Squats

15 Pullups

35 Situps

I did the Scaled weight of 75 for the overhead squats. I struggled with consistently getting down to parallel and only broke up the reps on the last set. I did the pullups! I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to get all 45 reps or not. By breaking it up into mostly sets of 3 I was able to bang through them. I had an occasional set of 2, but tried to get at least 3. On the first set of each round my kipping wasn’t too bad! The situps were just there. I broke the first round up into 3 sets of 10 with a set of 5 and the last 2 rounds were sets of 7. I was able to keep pushing and was by far the last person done in our group. I was proud though that I managed to get the Pullups done! My total time was 12:21. 

Hopefully my arms work better tomorrow! 

04092018 – Run

I’m getting a little tired of saying, “at least the snow is pretty.” Trail conditions were rough this morning with about an inch of fresh snow. Places that hadn’t melted off already were horrible footing with the footprints frozen into crusty mess. You weren’t really sure what each footfall would give you. I did almost roll my ankle once and it was hard to get traction on some of the uphill. 

Today was a 5x400m workout. The first two were fully on trails and the last one was a mix of paved and dirt trails. 






Total mileage was 3.91 in 43:15.