8/28 Greenway Commute

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Today was my last commute down the Greenway. Once I get settled more into my job I’ll start bike commuting along the River Road!

8/27 Sunrise Skyline

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Pictures don’t adequately capture the sunrise reflecting off the buildings.

8/26 Sunny Clouds

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We’ve had some gorgeous days! This is a good example of one!

8/25 First Day Selfie

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This is an obligatory first day of school picture in my new, mostly undecorated, office. Yes, I’m wearing a t-shirt as we were supposed to wear college or career wear, that felt a little weird!

8/22 Snuggles

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A little snuggling selfie that I took in the evening when I realized I hadn’t taken a picture yet!

8/24 Storm Rolling In

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Storms were trying to ruin our afternoon fun. This one was coming across Lake Hiawatha!

Powderhorn 24: A Story of Bikes

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This past weekend was the 4th annual Powderhorn 24 race which starts about a 1/2 mile from my house! This was my 3rd year riding in the 24 hour event.  This year our group consisted of 2 teams of 4 and 2 solo riders all being based from the same house directly on the “official” course.  It was setting up to be a hot and humid weekend for a 24 hour bike ride.  It was a little chilly over night, but the humidity was a strong presence.

We setup the same plan as previous years.  Each rider would do 2-3 laps (10-15 miles) or ride about an hour before switching riders.  This would allow us to stay fairly fresh and would provide a nice chunk of “off” time.  Unfortunately, one of our riders had to go home around 2 am due to sick kids.  He rode a few extra laps before heading out, but this hurt a little later in the day – can’t blame him though!

Our volunteer time was 4am – 7am at Checkpoint #1 where we would punch rider manifests. This meant that none of us would really get a break during this chunk of time.  It was a fun way to volunteer as you get to see a lot of the riders and actually the 4am shift isn’t too busy as a lot of solo riders and even teams are taking a break at that point. I met some interesting people, like a guy who was trying to help but could barely stand up and wasn’t super effective at punching manifests.

They had bonus laps again this year.  One of mine was stopping at a retirement village and having a conversation with one of the residents. The building was cold, which felt nice.  I talked with a woman (can’t remember her name) who was nice at first and then started talking badly about her family, so I found a graceful time and way to exit.  Eric, was in line ahead of me and ended up talking for quite a while with his guy!  Another stop we played ping-pong – they did a horrible job at scoring and following rules.  One stop was almost impossible to find, I found it, and then they still didn’t give me credit for doing it.

One cool thing they did this year was to actually track each rider, instead of just the team.  So we are able to get some great data.  This helped verify some of my data about number of laps ridden, etc.  The data isn’t 100% accurate as we swapped riders out on the course, while most did it right after the checkpoint, but it should be pretty dang close.

One quibble with the results… we beat the other team at our house by 1 lap ridden, but lost by 1 lap since PH24 missed our check-in for 2 bonus laps.  Our riders do both of them – I did the one and the other was Crossfit and I remember talking to our rider about it afterwards.  The other team knew they missed one and that was all they missed.  This means that we both lost out on the extra 5 points which would have put both of us in the top 10!  Oh well.   This year we did beat all the solo riders!! For the last 2 years that wasn’t the case.  4 solo riders beat or tied us overall (with bonus) due to the bonus laps!  Another quibble with the overall race was the fact that the first lap was an uncounted, “community” lap which meant that it was super slow.  It also wasn’t a true community lap as by the end it was quite spread out.  My thought is that if you want to do a community lap it should start at 6 for those who want to do it.  Keep the mandatory meeting at 6:40 and roll out at 7pm for official laps.  Our first rider didn’t finish his first lap until 7:45 and came through on his next one 17 minutes later.  So a lot of time was wasted – plus no one knew that this was going to happen beforehand.

A major frustration for me this year was that my phone didn’t work for all my rides.  The first time I thought it was a fluke, so didn’t change anything.  After the second time I thought it was a bug in Strava, so I downloaded Map My Ride.  I could hear it talking to me for awhile, but at the end of the ride it had quit too.  Finally, I decided to put my phone in a ziploc to see if my sweat was impacting it.  Sure enough, it worked.  I was disappointed that such an easy fix could have helped early on.  It was extra frustrating as my bike computer wasn’t syncing (it is wireless).  I think it is probably just a battery issue, but need to do something about it!

Here is the data that I was able to collect:


Here is the data collected by the organizers about our team.

Team World Vision

Category Laps Bonuses Total
Male Team 63 34 97


Rider (Gender) Laps Bonuses
Nick Cross (m) 16 4
Brad Hoffbauer (m) 20 3
Steve Paclicek (m) 6 3
Todd Bratulich (m) 21 7


Rider Time
Nick Cross 20:50:29
Nick Cross 21:11:04
Nick Cross 00:27:26
Nick Cross 00:46:44
Nick Cross 05:34:45
Nick Cross 05:55:58
Nick Cross 06:19:37
Nick Cross 09:11:00
Nick Cross 09:31:33
Nick Cross 09:52:42
Nick Cross 12:25:08
Nick Cross 12:45:33
Nick Cross 13:05:56
Nick Cross 15:37:24
Nick Cross 16:07:22
Nick Cross 16:27:26
Brad Hoffbauer 20:07:28
Brad Hoffbauer 23:40:38
Brad Hoffbauer 00:05:29
Brad Hoffbauer 04:03:03
Brad Hoffbauer 04:19:56
Brad Hoffbauer 04:37:47
Brad Hoffbauer 04:55:59
Brad Hoffbauer 05:13:20
Brad Hoffbauer 08:08:02
Brad Hoffbauer 08:29:35
Brad Hoffbauer 08:47:07
Brad Hoffbauer 11:18:45
Brad Hoffbauer 11:43:07
Brad Hoffbauer 12:02:08
Brad Hoffbauer 14:36:16
Brad Hoffbauer 15:00:51
Brad Hoffbauer 15:18:49
Brad Hoffbauer 18:22:20
Brad Hoffbauer 18:40:20
Brad Hoffbauer 18:57:10
Steve Paclicek 21:31:55
Steve Paclicek 21:52:57
Steve Paclicek 01:08:39
Steve Paclicek 01:28:41
Steve Paclicek 01:58:45
Steve Paclicek 02:24:13
Todd Bratulich 19:46:07
Todd Bratulich 19:53:38
Todd Bratulich 22:58:01
Todd Bratulich 23:20:54
Todd Bratulich 02:45:14
Todd Bratulich 03:04:28
Todd Bratulich 03:23:35
Todd Bratulich 03:42:38
Todd Bratulich 06:42:14
Todd Bratulich 07:28:45
Todd Bratulich 07:48:00
Todd Bratulich 10:13:43
Todd Bratulich 10:35:54
Todd Bratulich 10:54:58
Todd Bratulich 13:27:20
Todd Bratulich 13:55:29
Todd Bratulich 14:15:26
Todd Bratulich 16:53:31
Todd Bratulich 17:13:53
Todd Bratulich 17:42:35
Todd Bratulich 18:02:06


Rider Stop ID
Nick Cross I get by with a little help from my friends 1
Nick Cross Me so hungry! 10
Nick Cross Spit Truth 14
Nick Cross Listen to your elders 17
Brad Hoffbauer TRVE KVLT 4
Brad Hoffbauer Mookalokakiki 9
Brad Hoffbauer You Reap What You Sow 16
Steve Paclicek How sweet it is! 2
Steve Paclicek Zombie Apocalypse 5
Steve Paclicek LumiNite Bike Flight 6
Todd Bratulich Love/Hate Relationship 3
Todd Bratulich Zumga 8
Todd Bratulich Keep it local 11
Todd Bratulich I’ve always wanted to… 12
Todd Bratulich Humans of Minneapolis 15
Todd Bratulich Wassily Bikeinsky 18
Todd Bratulich Refresh and Reflect 19


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