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A Spanish Triathlon

I started working on making a photo book from my recent trip to Spain with a group of 8th graders. It has already been over a month since we’ve been back and I’m trying to get a 50% coupon, so the clock is on! It brought back some fun memories and many reasons to want to be back!! I went running 2 different times, one while we were in Madrid and once while we were Benalmadina along the coast. I’ll get around to posting some pictures eventually! On my run along the beach I went West as far as the boardwalk would take me and then ran as far East as it went. It ended in a marina. As I was running I noticed a lot of markers and signs. So I grabbed a quick picture of one and even with my limited Spanish knew what it was… a triathlon! 50f767ff-852d-4a0d-b1b6-c09d01126612_pIt started later in the day and I was doubtful that we’d get to see any of it. It was actually a free day, so if I had known about it and had been training, I might have been able to compete. Nevertheless, I did some research and found it online. It was the II TRIATLON DE BENALMADENA, a 750 meter swim, 20 kilometer bike, and 5 kilometer run event. As we left our hotel to begin our events for the day, I noticed policia up and down the main road and they were beginning to block off the course. I was hopeful we’d get to see the bikers as they came past. We weren’t able to find a cambio to exchange our dollars so we ended up wasting a lot of time, which turned out to be a good thing. Just as we reached the turn around point the lead motorcycle went zooming by. I was fretting the decision of trying to get the kids to stop and stand around a bit to watch, but they all seemed happy to do so. We waited and watched for 10-15 minutes as the riders came by. We probably left before the mid-pack triathletes came by, but it was fun to watch and cheer them on! It definitely made me want to compete and think about getting back into swimming.

Buffalo Triathlon Results 2013

buffalo tri results 2013


7 minutes slower than last year, which isn’t bad considering my training this year was almost non-existent.  I was hoping to have been in shape when Caleb was born in March.  Had I been in shape the transition wouldn’t have been as hard and I might have had more desire to survive to long cold spring in training!  As it were my training program started right when he was born and I struggled to get to the pool consistently or on the bike much at all.  I’ve relied on my bike commuting for most of my training in the past, but that just didn’t happen with the cold snowy spring and I had about a month where I could commute with Nadia before I started taking Caleb to day care too.

Cheering Squad

I finally got around to stealing pictures from Minnefoto Moments from my Square Lake Triathlon and noticed that my wife is in the background of one of my pictures (seen below).

She’s the lady leaning over pointing.  She had Nadia in the stroller!  Thanks for cheering me on!

Buffalo Triathlon – Completed

Here are the stats:




Run 22:11
Bike 41:11
Swim 8:20

Overall Place 180 out of 953
Sex Place 143 out of 532 Males
Division Place 28 out of 78 Males in the M3034 Age Group

Overall I felt really good.  The swim is still my weakest link.

Ready For Buffalo w/ NadiaSwim: 400 yards – 8:20 Overall 275/953 Age Group 36/78

I started at the back and to the left of the main pack hoping for a straighter line around the first boat and to the bouy for the left hand turn.  As soon as we jumped into the water though I realized that I was behind some slower people and quickly fought my way past them and went out really hard.  I struggled with sighting to the first bouy and almost ran into a paddleboard/lifeguard.  Once we  made the left hand turn around the Swan it was mostly straight to the finish with Swans on the left.  It was a super crowded swim and I was constantly running into people and trying to get around them. I had to keep reminding myself to relax and settle into my stroke.  There was a lot of churn and I needed to focus on breathing.  The last stretch I felt like I was doing more looking around to avoid people than efficiently swimming.  As I came up out of the water I knew I had done a very strong swim and was feeling it a little.


My time, holy cow! That’s way faster than any average workout I’ve done at the pool.   That is 2:05 per 100 and I don’t ever recall hitting that on any 100.  Wesuit was a good choice due to the churn making the water cooler.

Even Better If: 

Better sighting and bi-lateral breathing!

Coming out of the Swim - BuffaloT1: 3:02 Overall 267/951 Age Group 36/78

I was really wobbly coming out of the water.  I struggled to run or walk in a straight line.  My entire body wanted to go to the left.  I did fine getting my wetsuit off, but struggled trying to get my shoes on since my body was so out of balance. Once I got my shoes on and started run/walking my bike out I felt fine.

Even better if: I read more about transition setup and how to make T1 smoother.

Bike: 12.8 miles 41:11 Overall 267/951 Age Group 40/78

Leaving on the Bike - BuffaloAfter leaving transition and making it on to the main road I hit it pretty hard.  As we left town I was feeling good.  There were some gradual climbs initially that led into some steeper hills.  I think there were 5 main hills – ones that you’d hit 30mph going down and then be at like 10mph as you hit the top.  Race organizers touted this as a freshly paved fast course, which makes me wonder what it was like before.  It wasn’t terrible but it wasn’t freshly paved either.  I know that last year they had to reroute the bike course due to construction so maybe some parts were newer and I just didn’t notice!  I passed my co-worker Lisa, part of a Team, right before the first big hill (at maybe mile 4 or 5).   I had a Gel pack about half way through.  The bike course basically made a square around the lake in a clockwise fashion.  The course was open to traffic but the only real traffic I remember was in Buffalo and they did a pretty good job of separating us from it and stopping the traffic at intersections.  A little over halfway through I was trying to shift back into the big gear on a downhill/flat and I couldn’t get it to go so I was left spinning.  I tried a few more times later and it still wouldn’t go.  I decided not to keep trying because I didn’t actually want to break anything.  When I got home it seems to shift fine, but I did break a rear wheel spoke somehow.  I know the two aren’t related, but it seems odd.  It was really frustrating to not be able to shift onto the big ring but I tried not to get discouraged and just kept hammering along.  It feels good to pass people with really expensive bikes!  Once we get back into town the route snakes through a couple of parking lots.  I thought we were getting ready to make the final turn back into the park and reached down to unsnap my shoes.  As we left the parking lot I realized we still had about a 1/2 mile to go.  Rookie mistake!  I didn’t do anything stupid and made it back to transition and dismounted without trouble.  About halfway through the ride I needed to pee.  I also felt thirsty.  I did drink to counteract the thirst but didn’t pee on the bike.


A nice solid ride.  Average speed consistent with my training paces.  Felt strong over the duration.

Even better if:

I didn’t have bike problems.  I need to spend more training time on hills.

T2: 1:03 Overall 229/952 Age Group 36/78

This transition went much smoother.  As I noted I had already loosened my shoes so I popped off the bike and ran/walked it back to my rack.  The little downhill from the Olympic area to the Sprint area was a little awkward, but I found my rack slipped off my bike shoes and into my running shoes and off I went.

Run: 3 miles – 22:11 Overall 180/953  Age Group 28/78

The run felt really good.  I tried to find a bathroom so that I could take care of the pee problem but the port-a-pots were kind of blocked off.  Really it was that spectators were prevented from crossing the run area so I would have had to significantly back track to get to that set and I didn’t see any other ones on the course until I had a 1/2 mile left and at that point I just sucked it up.  I started the run out slowly to loosen up my legs.  We navigated out of Sturges park and through a parking lot to run alongside Lake Buffalo.  On the way out I saw Jeremy on the bike coming in (I think he saw me).  I got passed once or twice and passed a couple of people.  I was just trying to maintain a steady pace.  The sun came out and felt pretty warm during the run.  Right before the turn around point an Olympic distance runner went flying by.  I was a little surprised that I guy dressed like an elite runner would be so far back until he went running by the turn around point! On the way back I focused on slowly picking up the pace.  The run also got a little crowded on the narrow bike paths/sidewalks.  I saw Jeremy and then Hope  (the Team’s runner who also has an 8 week old at home). As we entered the park I really started picking it up again and right before the line I passed a Team FCA Endurance runner that had passed me early on during the run.


Again, the time is pretty solid and a much better pace than my training runs would have indicated.  I’m also pleased with what seemed like a steady run that probably was a negative split.

Even Better If:

I’m not sure.  I know that I need to run more in training and do more brick workouts, but I feel pretty good about my run.