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TC 1 Mile – Tomorrow

If you haven’t heard yet, tomorrow is the TC 1 Mile and the USA Men’s and Women’s 1 Mile Road Championship in downtown Minneapolis. The first wave of runners heads up Nicollet Ave at 6:50pm with the Championship waves scheduled for 7:53 (women’s) and 8:03 (men’s).

This is always a great event and is the 2nd largest road mile in the country. When I last ran it in 2009, David Torrence broke the 4 minute mark and won $10,000.  This year, marathoner Ryan Hall will be competing and will try to break the 4 minute barrier. It should be a fun race to watch! (Has he run a 4:01 or 1500m equivelent? or did he get an invitational entry?) His wife Sara Hall will be competing as well in the women’s race.  She is a favorite to win, while Torrence is hoping to win his 3rd straight championship.

No matter what happens, it should be another exciting night on the Mall!

The 2008 race wasn’t quite as exciting!

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2010 MDRA Annual Party Awards

The MDRA Annual Party is a great time to reconnect with friends you haven’t seen since the marathon!  It is also a great place to win gift certificates, race entries, and other running related stuff.  Not to mention the free pizza and ice cream! All in all a great event, especially since I won $20 to Marathon Sports, and some friends gave me their race entries to some local 5k’s. Here is a slideshow from the day taken by Wayne Kryduba.

State of the Club address by President, Kirk Walztoni:


2010 Awards:

This video was too large for YouTube.

Volunteer of the Year Award this year went to Rob Lundquist.  Rob is an all around great guy who continues to provide invaluable service to MDRA and the running community.

MN Elite Athlete Development Program.  From Twin Cities in Motion (pdf):

MEADP is a collaboration of Grandma’s Marathon, Twin Cities Marathon, Inc., Austin-Jarrow Sports and the Minnesota Distance Running Association, and is designed to assist elite Minnesota distance runners who have completed their academic running careers in reaching their full athletic potential. In 2009, MEADP will provide
grants, in amounts up to $2,000 per recipient, to promising Minnesota elite distance runners, to
assist them in reaching their full athletic potential.
Recepients were:
Pat Lanin Award From Down the Backstretch:

Masters road racing star and long-time MDRA officer Gloria Jansen will be presented with the Lanin Award for Distinguished Service. The award is MDRA’s most prestigious honor, given for years of service and contribution to the sport.

The award is named for the founder of MDRA, Pat Lanin.

MDRA Grand Prix Winners:

This video was too large for YouTube.

Full video
If you want to watch the entire 30 minute video, it can be found here.

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Today is National Running Day!


If you read this blog, there is a good chance that for you every day is a running day for you. But lots of people don’t run on a regular basis, in fact many people have no physical activity as part of their routine.

According to the event’s website:

National Running Day is a national initiative whereby many of the major organizations within the running industry are joining forces in an unprecedented unified effort to nationally and locally promote running as a healthy, easy, and accessible form of exercise. The inaugural National Running Day will be Wednesday, June 3.

Everyone is encouraged to not only go for a run but also to encourage someone else to get out on the trails as well. Especially children.

In the Twin Cities area, many local running stores are having events with “celebrity runners”. No, not the TV or political personalities, but real bona fide running celebrities. Athletes from Team USA Minnesota will be running with us mere mortals. So take this opportunity to run and “beat” a professional athlete!

Image from Team USA Minnesota website.
No image of the men is currently available.

All of the below events start at 6pm and are free!

Marathon Sports, 2312 W. 50th Street, Mpls.; meet and run with Kristen Nicolini Lehmkuhle, Jason Lehmkuhle, and Meghan Armstrong, grab a free massage from the experts of Lyn Lake Chiropractic and enjoy refreshments afterward
Life Time Fitness, St. Louis Park, 5525 Cedar Lake Road, St. Louis Park; meet and run with Katie McGregor, Michelle Lilienthal and Missy Buttry Rock Distances range from one to 8 miles. Stay for refreshments afterward.
Life Time Fitness, Highland Park, 2145 Ford Parkway, St. Paul; meet and run with Olympian Carrie Tollefson and Antonio Vega . Distances range from one to 6 miles and more. Stay for refreshments afterward.
Kenwood Park, 2101 W. Franklin Avenue, Minneapolis; meet and run with Emily Brown and Josh Moen Distances start at one and two miles.
Como Park Lakeside Pavilion, 1360 Lexington Pkwy. N., St. Paul; meet and run with Matt Gabrielson. Distances start at one mile. Stay for refreshments afterward.
Running Room, 1068 Grand Ave., St. Paul. Distances include 1 mile walk, 1 mile run, 2 miles, 4 miles and more. Stay for refreshments afterward.

Enjoy the fun. Thanks to Twin Cities Marathon‘s e-mail update with this great information.

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Race Review: USATF-MN 5000m Championships

This Sunday race is part of the USATF-MN Team Circuit and was also part of a bigger USATF-MN Championship track meet. This would be the first time I’ve raced on a track since I graduated from college in 2003. It brought back a flood of memories from the tons of track meets that I competed in during junior high, high school, and college. It was in the low 60’s but with pretty high humidity the weather wasn’t exactly perfect for a race. The race was held at Hamline University’s Klas Field. The 9-lane mondo track was well used the weekend as the MSHSL Championships (Minnesota State High School League) were held there over the weekend.

We did a warm-up and then sat around and waited. The officials weren’t really in too much of a hurry and the meet was behind schedule pretty much from the beginning. It opened with a 5K race walk with 2 competitors before the women’s 5K and then the Men’s Master’s 5k. The Men’s Open 5K was next followed by a 3 person heat of the 100m hurdles and then the 1500.

One highlight of the meet was that Carrie Tollefson competed in the 1500 trying to get her Olympic “A” standard. She need a 4:10 but ran a 4:19 – still an impressive showing. She had a rabbit pull her through 800 meters and then was left to finish by herself. There was a slight headwind on the homestretch. It was fun to watch her run and then to see her wait around to congratulate the rest of the runners! A couple of her Team USA – Minnesota teammates were there to cheer her on.

Back to my race! I went in with no expectations having done no speed work in a long time and having done a 10-miler the day before. I knew I was going to get lapped several times since my PR is 18 and change. But my team needed me to compete so that we could score – so I took one for the team!

I did some math and decided that I would try and run 90 second quarters which is a 6:02 pace and would translate to a 18:44 5K. So I thought I would try that and hopefully break 19 minutes. Sadly that didn’t happen. I was proud of myself for showing great restraint and not pushing the first quarter too hard. I was pretty much on pace through the first half of the race so that was good. A runner from the Slab City racing team came by and asked what I was hoping to run and said that is what he was planning. He offered to trade laps which sounded good with the slight headwind. It was 2 laps in when he went by so I sat behind him for 2 laps and then went around him, but he came back by after another lap and pulled away. I had started to drop the pace slightly by that point but only a second or two a lap!

Here are my 400 splits:

  1. 1:23
  2. 1:31
  3. 1:31
  4. 1:32 – 5:58 mile
  5. 1:32
  6. 1:34
  7. 1:39
  8. 1:42 – 12:27 through 2 miles (6:29 mile)
  9. 1:39
  10. 1:42
  11. 1:42
  12. 1:35 – 19:08 through 3 miles (6:38 mile)
  13. 0:43 – last 200

If you aren’t familiar with a 5K on the track you start at the 200 meter mark and then run 12.5 laps. Each person/team or coach does the counting differently. Some people take the 200 off the beginning so that each mile is calculated at the finish line, while others do it the way I did and count it at the end. It was a little easier that way since they were calling out the time at the 200 mark.

Not a lot to report since it was round and round ya go! They didn’t have any water available which didn’t surprise me too much. It was an $8 entry and all I have to show for it is a plain bib! Some of the other guys got awards and some of the women’s team did too.

It was a good day all in all. Don’t think I would do it again unless I had done more specific training.

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Meet Team USA Minnesota

There are at least two great opportunities to meet with members of Team USA Minnesota in the next months.

First all Metro area residents will get the chance to meet Team USA – Minnesota on June 11, 2008. According to Down the Backstretch everyone is welcome to come run with Team USA members starting at 6:30pm. The event will take place at TC Running Company in Eden Prairie (6405 City West Parkway).

Bring your running gear and go on a 3-5 mile run with team members, the advertisement says that all speeds are welcome. After the run hang out at the party which starts at 7:30 with autograph sessions and a special presentation at 8:15.

It looks like a great event and I hope to be able to go for awhile, although I will probably have to skip the run part for a work function.

The second event is only for student athletes in grades 7-12. Carrie Tollefson, Team USA MN athlete will host a 3 day camp. The official press release highlights some important facts:

Designed for boys and girls in grades 7-12 who run distances from the 800 meters up through cross country, the performance-driven camp wil be held at the College on St. Catherine in St. Paul. There were 84 campers in 2007 and this year the limit is 100. Registration closes on June 10.

A highlight of this year’s camp will be Todd Williams, a two-time Olympian and the 15k American record holder. In high school, Williams won six Michigan state championships, was a runner-up at Footlocker in 1986, he was an eight-time All American at the University of Tennessee, and a 12-time USA National Champion competing for adidas.

The Carrie Tollefson Training Camp should be a great opportunity for young runners to hang out with an Olympian and multi-champion female athlete. Tollefson is a Minnesota native who won 13 Minnesota high school championships in cross country and track in the early 1990s, setting a national high school record for five individual titles in cross country. (Thanks to DtB for this one too!)

I am trying to encourage one of the middle schools girls to go to the camp. She ran a 5:55 indoor 1600 earlier this year, placing 4th in a high school meet.

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