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06122018 – Run

My neighbor Eduardo is training for a triathlon this fall with the aim of an Ironman in two summers. He is going to be joining me for at least one run/workout each week. That will be a fun way to spice things up. 

This morning’s workout was 8x200m. After my 12.5k I realized I needed to do more hill specific work. Just running at Wirth isn’t going to be enough to get me up and over Moose Mountain. So I figured for this one I’d try out the sledding hill at Wirth. 

It turns out that from the first light pole up the cart path to the next hole is almost exactly 200m. The last bit is pretty steep and there is definitely ways to make it longer. So I think I’ll be back here for more. 

8 x 200 is pretty good, but the 3 minutes rest in between was a nice long rest. We walked back down the hill and then turned around and came right back up! 

I screwed up on my watch, I know I thought we were past that too. So we actually only ran 7 hill repeats. Oops. 








I can’t remember when, but at some point we started switching between two different paths to mix it up a bit. 

It was a solid workout. 

On the way home we went up the creek trail and then took the railroad home. The Loppet race goes down them for a short bit, but it wasn’t an ideal finish as we ended up having to run tie to tie. (Good agility work on tired legs, right)

Total miles 4.42 in 1:00:00. 

Hill Repeats

I ran hill repeats on Monday morning. I had to ask around for where I could find some good hills to run the repeats on. A hill on the West River Parkway was suggested heading towards Franklin Ave. It was a pretty long hill so I chose a segment of it, which ended up being .16 miles or 258 meters. It was a good hill to run up and down 10 times in the sub-zero wind chill. Below is an elevation graph from the run:

Each repeat had an approximate gain of 44ft while overall during the 5.6 mile run I gained 9 feet of elevation. Not sure how that happened since I started and finished in the same spot! Just thought I’d show you this nice graph!

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Favorite Runs

Enjoy changing scenery? Like the soft surface of trail running? How about seeing wildlife on every run?

Those are all experience you can have at one of Central Indiana’s best running spots. Mounds State Park, in Anderson has a little bit to offer every runner. Mounds may be one of the smallest state parks at only 280 acres, but there are still enough trails to please most runners.

The biggest problem with Mounds is that there isn’t much flat trail to run on. So whenever you get hurt you have to cut Mounds out for a little while. I personally run a 3 or 5 mile loop (or some combination) whenever I run there. I know of runners who have completed 20-milers out there! Yuck! There are probably 6-7 decent size hills with names like K-Hill, Cinder Block, and Step Hill. Many people do interval workouts including one of my favorites the Spaghetti Bowl. It is hard to describe each hill or workout, or even the courses, but here is a good map of the trails. The trails are described in this brochure (pdf) available at the gatehouse.

Mounds is home to the Anderson Road Runner’s 26th annual 5 Mile Run the Mounds. This year it also hosted the DINO Series 5K and 15K races. It is also home to Highland High School and Anderson University’s Cross Country courses. Needless to say, in the fall it is a busy place with high school and college runners everywhere!

I would encourage every runner to spend some time at Mounds. I’ve seen at least one deer each of the times I’ve run out there the past few weeks, including a doe and 2 fawns! My recommendation is to take it easy the first couple of times out there and like any training slowly build up mileage and intensity. It can be a brutal run, but it is so fun.

There is a small entry fee: $4 per carload M-Thurs and $5 Fri – Sun and Holidays. Or get a State Park pass for $36.

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