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Races on December 22 and Last Weeks Results

I’ll continue posting results and upcoming races into the new year!

Race Results From December 15

12K’s of Christmas was won by Matt Moody in 43:49 (5:52) about 1:30 ahead of second place on this somewhat snowy course! Rose Lehe won the female division in 50:54 (6:49) about 30 seconds ahead of second place and 12th overall. 84 completed this 12K (7.44 miles) event.  In the 5K Terry Mudler won in 21:57 (7:03) about 1 minute ahead of second place.  Sarah Walker won the female division in 22:47 (7:19) about 4 minutes ahead of second place and third place overall. 13 completed the 5K event.


Upcoming Races

Power Bar 5Ks of Christmas Run/Walk begins at 9am on December 22 at the NCAA National Offices on the Canal in Indianapolis.  (Note the starting location change due to the recent fire in the Hall of Champions) This event is being hosted by Standing O Promotions and benefits the United Christmas Service, a program of the United Way of Central Indiana.   This inaugural event also includes special pricing for High School students.

Rudolph Run 5K begins at 9am on Christmas Eve (December 24) at the Intelliplex in Shelbyville. This inaugural event is on paved trails, includes door prizes and is being hosted by Shelby Road Runners.

Workout Summary

I forgot to post my workout from Tuesday, it was an upper body lifting day again, I worked my shoulders, chest, biceps, triceps, and abs. I’m not quite as sore this time around, I did increase the weight on some of the lifts, partly because a kid was using my 20lb dumbbells (shoot!) I will say that as an endurance athlete my focus is more on toning my muscles, not bulking up, so I really am ok with a kid lifting the same weights, just a little discouraging.  Also, I focus on light weight, but higher repetitions.  For example a body builder might try curling 150lbs 3-4x’s but I want to curl 35lbs 10x’s.

Yesterday I swam again.  It is getting a little easier, but I really have to focus to try and breathe regularly! I did 400 meters again, but was able to swim more together.  I did 200 meters at once switching each 25 meter length between freestyle and backstroke.  Slowly but surely!


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Past Results, Upcoming Races, and News

I changed things up a little this week since there aren’t that many races I thought I would just combine the results and the races into one post!

Race Results

Jingle Bell 5K Run/Walk on December 8th was won by Abdelaziz Atmani, 25 of Indianapolis, in 15:22 (4:56) about 30 seconds ahead of second place.  Sarah Higgens, 17 of Greenwood, won the female division in 18:25 (5:55) about 50 seconds ahead of second place and 34th overall.  Bill Bentley, 55 of Greenfield, won the walk in 30:56 (9:57) about 20 seconds ahead of second place.  Janet Higbie, 66 of Indianapolis, won the female division in 32:17 (10:23) about a minute ahead of second place and 4th overall. 979 finished the 5K run and 127 the walk.

Upcoming Races

The 12K’s of Christmas Run and Walk begins at 9am on December 15th at the Northview Christian Life Church in Carmel.  12K is 7.44 miles, there is also a 5K fun run!

Toys for Tots 1 Mile Run/Walk begins at 9am on December 15th at the Professional Office building main entrance at Union Hospital in Terre Haute.  Contact Jo for more info.


As of November 30 the 2008 Indy Mini Marathon or the OneAmerica 500 Festival Mini-Marathon sold out at 35,000 entrants.  They claim that entrants come from all 50 states and 8 countries. There is still room in the Finish Line 500 Festival 5K, which was about 51% full at the time.  Starting in January the organizers will also registration transfers again this year.

Tuesday marked the Grand Opening of The Running Company’s newest store.  The Greenwood store is located at 1251 US 31 North Greenwood Indiana, 317-887-0606, inside the Greenwood Park Mall Lifestyle Center.

Yesterday’s Workout

I hit the pool again! This time I kept track of how many laps I swam and in total I did about 400 yards, which isn’t a lot but its a good start.  I didn’t time it so I’m not sure the actual time which would give a better comparison to distance, but swimming is a lot harder than running! I have always heard that you need to do 3x’s as long on the bike and 1/3 the time on a swim to equal a running workout.  (90 minute bike is equal to 30 minute run which is equal to 10 minute swim) I also found if I slowed down a little bit it was easier to turn my head and breath!


Upcoming Races on December 8-9

I guess it shouldn’t surprise us that the race calendar is dwindling as 2007 slowly wanes away! I could only find two races this weekend.  Are you still racing or is it time to kick back a little?  


2007 Jingle Bell Run/Walk begins at 9am near the IUPUI track in downtown Indianapolis. Lots of awards, costume contests, and more at this Tuxbro 5K event.



Muncie Ten starts at 1pm at the Mitchell School located on Prudue Rd in Muncie.  This event is reportedly the oldest in Indiana at 41 years. Lots of refreshments, no shirts, entry fee is $2.  Course record is held by Cecil Franke and Turena Johnson Lane, both Olympic Trials Qualifiers.




  Yesterday’s Workout

I’m at an all-day conference Weds and Thurs in Indianapolis so I’m not training those days.  Since I’m taking more of a 3 day a week posture right now that fits in fine since I worked out Monday and Tuesday and plan to on Friday.


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Upcoming Races for December 1

Can you believe that it’s already December?? Where has 2007 gone? The race calendar for this weekend is still very full, despite the chilly forecast. Will you brave the elements?

25th Annual Sleigh Bell 5K Run/Walk begins at 9am at the Lafayette Family YMCA in Lafayette. This is a Ken Long & Associates event benefiting the YMCA.

Tecumseh Trail Marathon has been sold out. It is run in Yellowwood State Forest benefiting the Hoosier Hikers Council. There is a 5 Mile fun run that is still open and they are still looking for course volunteers. The Fun run starts at 11am. This event is hosted by the DINO Series.

Frostbite 5K begins at Glen Miller Park in Richmond at 4pm. The event benefits the Easter Seals programs for persons with disabilities. This is also part of the Wayne County Challenge.

Brown County Community YMCA 2007 Reindeer Romp begins at 1pm at Brown County State Park’s Nature Center. Lots of door prizes. All proceeds benefit the YMCA.

The 5-K Reindeer Walk/Run will be held in Frankfort, Indiana at 4:15pm. It will kick off the first year for the county’s annual Christmas Parade to be held at night. A Free Rudolph Romp for the kids will start right after the 5-K. The kids will run around the square once and will have a goodie bag, just like the 5-K participants. This will include gloves, Reindeer antlers, a Rudolph nose and some goodies for after the race!

Eagle Run ’07 begins at 9:15 at Franklin Twp Middle School in Indianapolis. This is a 5K road race. This event is raising awareness for Organ and Tissue donation. Event registration is closed.


Christmas in the Park begins at 6:15pm at Deming Park in Terre Haute. $10 of each entry goes to Cloth a Child. This is a Wabash Valley Road Runners event.

17th Annual All American Kris Kringle 4 Miler and 3 Mile Walk (pdf) begins at 2pm at New Castle’s Memorial Park. Monetary awards offered at this event which is part of the Anderson Road Runner’s Road Race Series. Event hosted by the Knights of Pythias of New Castle.

CKRR Charity 5K Run/Walk begins at 2pm at UAW 292 Union Hall in Kokomo.


Yesterday’s Workout

I haven’t done anything since the Drumstick Dash on Thanksgiving until last night. I went to the gym and rode the bike for 20 minutes (6.43 miles). Kind of a puny workout but I needed to do something. It was good timing for a break since we were traveling around for the holiday. My foot feels good walking around now, but I haven’t tried running or anything on it.

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Upcoming Races Thanksgiving Day!

I’m going down to Broadripple for the Drumstick Dash. My wife is working on Thanksgiving so I’m kind of bumming around with other friends who are staying in Anderson! I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and that you have lots to be thankful for!

Four Mile Foot Fest begins at Perry Meridian High School in Indianapolis at 8:30am. All proceeds of this Ken Long & Associates event benefits the Perry Meridian High School Girls and Boys Cross Country Teams. Cash prizes will be offered.

Sugar Creek Trail Thanksgiving Day Pie Run begins at 9am at the Sugar Creek Trail Rock River Trailhead in Crawfordsville. All proceeds from this 5K event go to the Trail Maintenance Trust Fund. There are cash prizes being offered.

Drumstick Dash 4.5 Mile event begins at 9am near the Running Company Store in Broadripple. Hosted by the Running Company and managed by Tuxbro all proceeds benefit the Wheeler Mission. There is also a costume contest.

Turkey Trot 5K begins at 8am at McDonald’s in Huntington. There is a cash award for this event benefiting Kids Kampus.

Thanksgiving Day Turkey Run hosted by the Anderson Road Runners begins at 8am at Shadyside Park (activity center). Food prizes and hot coffee!

5th Annual Thanksgiving Morning Fun Run at St. Mary of the Woods College. You can run between 3 and 5 miles. Walkers are welcome. Again, this is a FUN RUN, not an organized race. So come join us on Thursday, November 22, 2007 at 7:30am and work up an appetite before your Thanksgiving Day meal! If you have any questions please contact Myra Please bring a canned good/nonperishable item. They will be collecting these and donating them to one of the local food banks.

Thanksgiving Day Food Drive Run – Matter Park, Marion (sponsored by Grace Community Church for the Grant County Rescue Mission. Entry fee is canned foods or donations)


Yesterday’s Run

I haven’t run since Saturday’s race. My foot felt fine all day Saturday, but began hurting again Sunday morning.

NOTE: I’ve changed the normal posting schedule due to the holiday. I haven’t figured it all out exactly so be sure to check back throughout the week!

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