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10302019 – Bouldering

I was supposed to go with some people from work, but they forgot their gear so I went solo. Sadly, it was also time to end my monthly membership at the Minneapolis Bouldering Project. It doesn’t make sense to belong to 3 gyms – even though they are all unique! I did get a punch pass so I’ll still be able to go climbing occasionally. If I end up going more than 4 times a month regularly, I can always rejoin.

I only ended up with about 30 minutes to climb, so I only did a handful of routes. I tried a few routes I did last week, but wasn’t successful on a couple. That was frustrating.

10102019 – Bouldering

After work I went climbing while the kids were at after-school! I had about an hour and worked up a little sweat! I did a range of circuits including a few green ones. They also have a few circuits up from BoulderFest North. I did 2 of them. Those circuits are tricky because they can be off color, so a beginner color was actually super hard! I got a couple of circuits that I had struggled with earlier in the week. It was a nice way to end the work day.

10082019 – Bouldering and CrossFit

Not exactly how I planned my morning. Showed up at CrossFit and the coach didn’t show up. We stood around and talked and waited for a little while before deciding to call it a morning. We got an email apologizing later. First time in my 6 years that this has happened and is totally understandable.

I almost went home and then remembered that I could just go to the Bouldering Project. I had planned on going after work, but since I had an offsite meeting I had plenty of time to go ahead and go in the morning.

I did mostly what was written for the day’s workout. I did 500m warmup on the rower and then 3 pullups each minute for 6 minutes.

I then did a snatch warmup. And jumped into a snatch sequence. I forgot the time box and did get all of them into squat vs power Snatch. I did 5×45, 4×65, 3×85 (missing and retrying the 3rd one), 2×95 again missing the 2nd and getting it. I loaded to 100 and wasn’t able to get under it. I tried once more and stopped.

I did 3×3 pistols with each leg for the fun of it.

Then I did a bunch of climbing routes. I tried a couple green ones and did a bunch of red and yellow. It was fun. Some of the routes were tricky. Watching others who are so fluid and smooth as they moved on the wall.

Who is ready for the Open?

07292019 – Yoga & Run & Bouldering

The kids are at a different school for programming this week and it is really close to the bouldering gym so I decided to go there and climb a little before running.  When I got there a yoga class was getting ready to start so I decided to go ahead and join it.  It was a Vinyasa I class, this is their description of the class:

Vinyasa is the staple of the Minneapolis Bouldering Project yoga program. This movement based practice emphasizes intentional breathing, mindful transitions, postural alignment, and self-acceptance. Each class features a gentle integration, gradual warm-up, sequenced flows, and sun salutations. Practitioners can expect optional, judgement-free opportunities to explore arm-balances and inversions. The difficulty of the class increases with the level of Vinyasa (I, II or III), but each class features modifications and safe-space to make your practice exactly what YOU need it to be. A tranquil cool-down and closing savasana help integrate your yoga practice into life off the mat.

Its been awhile since I’ve done any real yoga or mobility and I’ve been stiff and sore, so this seemed like a good idea.  It was, I felt good afterwards, but it wasn’t an easy hour! I was sweating like crazy and had a few poses that I couldn’t get into or hold.  I should definitely do more yoga!  Or I guess at least do the mobility parts of the programmed workouts.

Afterwards I did a few climbing routes, I think 5 total.  Almost all of them were red which is one step up from yellow or the easiest.

Then I went for a run on the River.  This part of the river is very different from where I had been running earlier this summer.  I went North from Plymouth on the River and decided to cross on Broadway, I could maybe have gone to the Lowry bridge, but that isn’t quite as nice.  I crossed Broadway and was surprised that there wasn’t access to the new bike trail from Broadway. When I looked later, it was just a little bit North of Broadway.  I turned on the next street and headed South turned right and wound around until I got to the trail.  Then I followed the trail and then ran to the river’s edge and followed that and actually ran under the bridge. I hugged the river until I got to Nicollet Island then ran around Nicollet Island’s Southern end before getting onto the river trail on St. Anthony Main.  I crossed the Stone Arch Bridge and then followed the trail through the edge of downtown along the Mississippi River. I hit a little bit of dirt trails after the playground and finished up by going under Plymouth Ave.

The total was 4.82 miles in 42:50.