07282019 – Bike

I relaxed in the morning, the hope had been to attend a bike demo event in the evening, but it became obvious that the weather wasn’t going to hold for that to occur. I went out shortly after breakfast and hit some dirt while it was still dry. It started sprinkling, but stopped pretty quickly. I started with Area 36 trails and realized pretty quickly that my tired pressure was too low so I took the exit and pumped them up at the Trailhead. Then I started over on the Area 36 trails and they felt much better! Then I headed to the Back 40 section. The Luce Line is stilled flooded and is better but still pretty high so my feet got wet. By the time that I finished that loop it was raining slightly. In the woods it was still pretty dry so I did the skinny loop that ends at 55. When I got there the ground was pretty wet, so I finished the loop and rode to the Conundrum trails. The dirt in the woods was still mostly dry, but by the end there were puddles in any area with tree cover so I ended the ride. I enjoyed the cool rain as I got home and washed the bike off.

8.96 miles in 1:17 and 3 segment PR’s.

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