07222019 – Bike

I brought my Motobecane hoping to get a good ride in and knowing there weren’t any mountain bike trails and no obvious loops I decided to ride the road we were staying on and then next one over that kind of goes by the lake we were on. It ended up being a great ride almost all on gravel.

I rode to the end of Hungry Jack Road and there is a YMCA camp parking lot. To get to the actual camp you have to take a boat across the lake!  That seems kind of cool, they offer 8-40 day camp programs! I turned around and rode the 3 miles back to the paved Gunflint Trail and then rode east until I got to Clearwater Road. This was about a 5 mile road and it was quite hilly!  Several of the climbs almost brought me to a standstill! And one was quite long. I was pleased that I didn’t have to stop at all due to the hill. I stopped to take some pictures along the way. This was a beautiful ride with lots of lakes to look at.  The only animals I saw were some dogs!

When I got to the Clearwater Lake Entry I took a short break and some food and then turned around. On the way back I stopped less for pictures.

I climbed for a total of almost 1,300ft and did 19.59 miles in 1:51.

My at Clearwater Lake entry point

YMCA Camp Entry Point

A view of Bearskin Lake from the YMCA lot.

Bogheno Lake

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